Thursday, January 10, 2013

City Hall: tax break for the CMHR, pathetic spending cuts to the Children's Museum

This budget stuff is a total doosie, eh? Budget time is always interesting.

Like how City Hall gave the Canadian Museum for Human Rights a massive tax break, like they needed it. If you remember, the Deputy Mayor lampooned critics of this $3.6 million tax break as having a "behavioural disorder" less than two years ago.

Now, important other community museums have to suck it up. They are getting the shaft to save the paltry sum of $358 000.

Victims of this include the St Boniface Museum which will have to cut it's travel and advertising costs, something the CMHR certainly doesn't waste a single ATP unit of brain energy thinking about. The Children's Museum will have to do without $12 000 this year, which is a big number to a little place. The CHILDREN'S MUSEUM! Why is it that when an administration looks to cut spending, they cut such tiny amounts from important community venues that desperately need it?

That one, single, tax break for the CMHR? Could have payed for 9 years of these non-profit grants. Too bad, so sad.

Remember that the next time a non-profit asks for a donation. Or when you're shocked at the admission price of the Children's Museum.

These institutions are worth giving money to. It is a crying shame they will have to do without, in the shadow of the CMHR, whose immense money-attracting gravity is felt throughout the entire non-profit sector, and extends to City Hall. A black hole analogy is nearly apt: even logical reason can't escape it's pull.

How can any councillor justify cutting such amounts from local museums and non-profits after giving The Big One such an enormous tax break just 21 months ago?

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The Winnipeg Sun has a great summary of the cuts to non-profits.

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unclebob said...

I was looking at the profile of the CMHR a dusk the other night. It sort of looks like an upside down tornado vacuuming money into the sky - never to be seen again!