Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Art Auction site for Bradley Manning now live

The site that I have been working on to auction off a painting inspired by Bradley Manning and Collateral Murder, is now live. The site is manningauction.com.

To those reaching this site because of the auction, welcome. I intend to publish a post about Bradley Manning in the coming days. For now I invite you to read other Wikileaks-related posts I've written, as well as an op-ed published in the Winnipeg Free Press in defense of Cablegate in 2010.

"Collateral Murder" is 48x24 mixed media on canvas. I completed the painting during my stay last fall/winter at Artbeat Studio Inc. And lastly I am indebted to Kevin for building the site.

Please share with your friends on Facebook, and on Twitter use #manningauction and @SaveBradley. Every repost and retweet helps spread the word, find a buyer and raise more money for Manning's legal defense.

Bradley needs our help.

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