Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Art Auction site for Bradley Manning now live

The site that I have been working on to auction off a painting inspired by Bradley Manning and Collateral Murder, is now live. The site is manningauction.com.

To those reaching this site because of the auction, welcome. I intend to publish a post about Bradley Manning in the coming days. For now I invite you to read other Wikileaks-related posts I've written, as well as an op-ed published in the Winnipeg Free Press in defense of Cablegate in 2010.

"Collateral Murder" is 48x24 mixed media on canvas. I completed the painting during my stay last fall/winter at Artbeat Studio Inc. And lastly I am indebted to Kevin for building the site.

Please share with your friends on Facebook, and on Twitter use #manningauction and @SaveBradley. Every repost and retweet helps spread the word, find a buyer and raise more money for Manning's legal defense.

Bradley needs our help.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The reason why I want to leave Winnipeg, in 69 words

*Update I*

This didn't take long. The day after I wrote this post, is a piece by blogosphere favourite Murray McNeil, about a building downtown that is to be converted to offices instead of apartments. And why? Because of parking, duh.

Having a car in Winnipeg is such a must that it even prevents someone from pursuing the conversion of a heritage building into apartments. That's huge. Of course, the number one issue this man will face with inquiries to his new office building, is but what about the parking? He's damned if he does and damned if he does something else.

Isn't it sad that there is no interest in a developer to create an apartment building in the Exchange, because there is no parking? Is that the mentality, you need a car, even if you live in urban Winnipeg? That's another several dozen hypothetical living units lost. Another several dozen hypothetical people living and walking the streets of downtown, making it safer. This is how downtown is lost. One building at a time.

*Update II*

I'm sure Stefano Grande and Dan Lett will find a way to spin this to say that crime is only our perception, but a headline that says "downtown crime is getting worse" only gives the sigh1's of the town more reason to - not - go downtown. And the sigh1's don't even have to read the article to affirm their beliefs, they only have to walk past the newsstand and glance at the cover.

Add to that the inevitable parking rate increase, and you aren't giving these people any reason at all to come downtown. Even if there's a water park. All this news is a perfect storm of bad news to validate and even increase their already-negative view of downtown.

Of course, screaming about lack of parking and taking away green space that isn't really green space to prevent any improvement (such as apartment buildings) from going up in a downtown you never go to, is a great way to keep your view of downtown as a place to never visit permanent.

*Update III*

Speaking of apartment buildings, Winnipeggers in the community of Whyte Ridge have vocally opposed such atrocious improvements just last night. To quote Blogger cohort The Rise and Sprawl...What is this, New York?

Then again, you could put those apartments downtown, but you'd be there to oppose that as well. Thus keeping the cycle of suburbia and non-improvement running like a two-stroke Honda.


* * *

Comment posted on Bartley Kives' "Waterloo" piece by a "citizen journalist" (just for you, Dan) who goes by the name "sigh1."

So the mayor wants to cram MORE stuff into The Forks area?! Geez. As it is, you can't park anywhere close to the stuff that's there. I dread going to events there because the space is more and more limited and I may as well park near Portage & Main and walk there. Am I the only one in Winnipeg who likes green space downtown? Or 'space' at all?

At the time of publishing, the above comment has a +35 rating, which means a lot of people agree with it. A comment in reply by "Dr Zaius" who reflects my viewpoint scores up a -11 rating. This is my problem. These people are holding this city back.

Dear god, MORE "stuff" might go into the Forks! The MADNESS! But you hate that, you hate it, because there is already not enough parking, and because that green space is even more sacred than the sacred Indian burial ground it grows on. You hate not parking exactly where you're going, even though you'll park at the mall, walk 100m to the entrance, walk 1km inside, and 100m back to your car and raise not a single blood pressure point in ire.

Never mind that the sacred green space isn't green at all, rather, it's a dusty sand colour and/or a solid grey. Because that green space we are talking about is actually either a gravel parking lot, or a paved parking lot. But such silly, minor details are lost on you.

Why should you pay attention though? You don't go to the Forks, or to downtown anyway, you complain about the parking and lack of green space. There's no parking, so you don't go. Besides, there's nothing new at the Forks, right? It's always the same. You fear for your vehicle to be broken into and while walking through Portage Place, you fear being mugged, stabbed, or shot or worse, all three.

Why go to the Forks or downtown, when IKEA is opening up with 7517 parking stalls! And green space between the rows of parking to boot! Now THAT's what I call progressive! When someone floats an idea for downtown or the Forks, you're there. You're there with bells on and in spades. They're taking away our green space, and where will we park, goddammit?!

No, this city will stay the same, downtown improving at an abysmally slow pace a snail could out-gun. Any attempt to do anything real to make downtown better, say, putting apartments at the Forks, or building a 20 storey apartment tower downtown, will get pulled down, and pulled down hard. Because there is nothing more revolting to the sigh1's of this town than improvement.

You can't be proud of green space and parking. Ask San Franciconians if they love their green space and parking, ask Vancouverites about how all those apartments and condos that ruined their view of the ocean killed their city. Ask the truly world class cities of the world what they are proud of. Their vast, sprawling suburbs? Their gorgeous, well-maintained Kentucky Bluegrass mini urban parks? Their plentiful and free parking?

No. They aren't proud of those things because they have something better. And no, that 'thing' that is better is not a water park. They have a fucking city to be proud of.

But no, you love it here. You love your franchise chain restaurants with parking lots, you're gonna love your IKEA, you love your house, your yard, your driveway (that comes with free parking), you like the mall, your Superstore with a massive parking lot, and last but not least, you love the fact that you don't have to go downtown for anything, and you can get everything you need without ever having to go downtown or to the Forks.

And when winter comes, you go away to Cuba, or Mexico, or Jamaica. To an all-inclusive where you don't have to ever leave your luxury resort, barred off and secluded from the rest of the reality of the third world country you are vacationing in. You don't go to Vancouver or New York or San Francisco or Copenhagen or Paris. You go to a sunnier, beachier, warmer version of what you already have.

You come back and vociferously and raucously oppose anything that might change Winnipeg. Status quo all the way, baby. Leave things the way they are. Winnipeg is just fine the way it is. And WHAT? You want a PATIO for your PIZZERIA?! Close the damn place, don't need anymore shitty mom and pop restaurants, just go to Boston Pizza! They have a parking lot AND a patio!

A wise man once said "should I stay, or should I go now?" If I stay, I am destined to hear this and fight this for my entire existence. A city is only as good as the leaders they elect to lead it. And our leaders love to cave, they cave on Upper Fort Garry, they cave for the Museum. They cave on apartment projects and tear buildings down for parkades. Our leadership is a reflection of the people who live here and what they prioritize.

By and large, our priorities are keeping everything as they are, building more suburbs, keeping green space and parking plentiful, and all the while moaning for recognition and world class status. We should adopt a new moniker, we are not the Chicago of the North, a phrase that may illicit a picture of a man in a tuxedo and top hat with a moustache, looking bold and stoic, imposing his will and creating greatness out of nothing.

No, in the 21st Century, we are the New Jersey of the North. A vast, sprawling wasteland of not only the intellectual type, but also the physical space type. And our welcoming message painted on highway signs around the 101 should not read "heart of the continent" but rather, "home of future ex-pats."