Thursday, January 19, 2012

Planet of the Arts: starting January 20th

Some GOOD, happy, exciting things instead of boring, nit-picking bureaucratic analysis and commentary.

Since August I have been an artist in residence at Artbeat Studio Inc. Our art show starts January 20th, with a reception starting at 7pm. So I would like to invite my fine readers to come out. The show runs until January 28th if you can't attend the opening reception. Artbeat is located at 62 Albert Street, 4th floor.

On display will be my work as well as the work of my 6 colleagues, all of different backgrounds and disciplines, so there is quite the diverse range of work. Personally I will have a poetry book, a collection of over a year's material, as well as just over 20 visual pieces.

Also on display will be a piece that will be auctioned (soon, hopefully!) to raise money for Bradley Manning, the US Military whistleblower accused of leaking information to Wikileaks. He spent 572 days in prison before his first pre-trial hearing, over 300 of those spent in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

Artbeat Studio Inc is a non-profit that provides studio space to groups of up to 9 artists for 6 months at a time for artists living with mental illness. It is a safe, positive, secure environment to improve our work, to learn the process of being a self-sustaining artist, as well as access to services that help with personal development. All 7 of us for the 14th bi-annual show "Planet of the Arts" have learned and experienced a tremendous amount and with the conclusion of this show, we can look forward to moving forward with our goals and ambitions.

Most readers of my website here may not know the other part of what I do, and this is it. It's quite an accomplishment for me to be able to share this with you at this point. Though this summer, I was featured in a Gordon Sinclair Jr column (I know, I know) for my street art in Assiniboine Park.

So whether you know me via my blogging, my twittering, my work around various communities, from The Great Canadian Talk Show, or if you happen to follow me now here after meeting me in Assiniboine Park, I invite you all to come down on Friday, January 20th, or throughout the week as the show runs. I've created a FB event if you like reminders like that (which it seems less and less people do).

Planet of the Arts, that's me. At Artbeat Studio, 62 Albert St.

The show will be in memory of my colleague Grant Czerepak, who passed away suddenly this week. His intricate and intelligent work will be on display as well. Rest in Peace, Grant.

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cherenkov said...

Congrats. Couldn't make it to the reception tonight but I'll try to drop by next week and have a look.