Thursday, November 24, 2011

Out of Mind/Into Creativity Symposium

The studio I currently have space in, Artbeat Studio Inc, in conjunction with the William Kurelek exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (which everyone should go see) is holding a gathering of distinguished speakers from the mental health community to speak about the relationship between mental health and the arts.

The keynote speaker is today and there are events all day tomorrow, Friday November 25.

I'll stop there...this is a message from the Studio Director at Artbeat:

In October the Winnipeg Art Gallery opened the exhibition William Kurelek: The Messenger. This major undertaking marks the first major retrospective look at the life and artwork of one of Canada’s most important visual artists. The life of William Kurelek has been well documented, but of particular significance was his intense struggle with depression for which he was twice hospitalized in London, England. Kurelek ultimately went on to become one of the most successful Canadian artists of the twentieth century and an enduring excellent example of the power and hope provided by participation in the arts.

Artbeat Studio along with the Winnipeg Art Gallery believe that the realization of the Kurelek exhibition offers a critically relevant moment at which to offer a symposium that will shed light on the relationship between mental health, the arts, and social inclusion. This landmark symposium “Out of Mind/Into Creativity” is drawing international interest and participation and presents a very important move towards the engagement of the Winnipeg community regarding issues of mental health-- issues often unknown, ignored, or misunderstood in the general public. By highlighting the vibrant creative contributions of artists living with mental illness, the event will also act as a cultural celebration and hopefully stimulate the public to become involved in mental health awareness & advocacy in our community.

Historically speaking, we can point to many artists (visual, musical, literary) that have dealt with the debilitating effects of mental illness and yet mental illness within contemporary society remains a topic of deep-seated social ignorance. Mental health consumers still face rampant social stigma and marginalization. A symposium on mental health and the creative mind will explore the relationship between individual creativity and artists’ mental health, whilst stimulating public discussions, fostering the sharing of information and working to subvert the myths, stereotypes and stigma that continue to haunt discussions of mental illness today.

We hope that you will join us for this symposium. We look forward to seeing you there.

Lucille Bart

Executive Director
Artbeat Studio Inc.
4th Floor, 62 Albert St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1E9
t: (204)943-5194

There will be many great ideas and speakers on Friday, which I encourage you to come out to.

Hope to see you there,


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