Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Money makes the world go 'round

Are you a charitable organization that wants to support Palestine's statehood bid? Say goodbye to your biggest funder, the US. Oh, and Canada will keep giving UNESCO money until 2014, but John Baird doesn't like it. 'Cause everyone knows the Palestinians aren't real people and, therefore, have no real heritage sites.

Is your name Greece? Is your country about to be saved by a giant international plan and by agreeing to all the austerity measures dictated by the iron-fist IMF, who have saved other fine countries like Russia in the 90s, South Africa in the 90s, and all those South American Junta countries decades ago? Wanna let your country decide the country's fate? The world economy really hates it when democracy gets involved. And these guys wonder what all this "Occupy" stuff is about?

Are you a whistleblower organization? Are you publishing secret documents that probably should be in people's hands, but aren't? Have you broken no laws, operating under the idea of Freedom of the Press, your material sourced and used by newspapers all over the world, uncountable numbers of times? That's too bad, because the biggest financial institutions can decide you are blacklisted and stop over 95% of your funding from ever, ever reaching you. Thereby proving that banks are indeed the most powerful unfettered corporations in the world.

If it interests you, you can donate via Visa to alleged rapist Julian Assange's Defense Fund, however you cannot donate via Visa to Wikileaks. Funding alleged rapists? Go ahead! Funding publishing, participating in democracy and journalism? Oh, hey now, boy.

Assange's extradition verdict is due in 6 hours. If extradition to Sweden is approved, it leaves open the possibility for him to be re-routed to the United States, where he will probably never see the light of day again, though he has committed no (publishing) crime. Known serial rapists are out in the world, their locations are known, yet they remain free. The international arrest warrant for Assange in December 2010 is insulting to the purpose of Sweden's rape laws, as well as the European Arrest Warrant system.

It's all about the money.

It's all about political power.

Events like these contribute to the Occupy movement. This is the age of the internet, the age of information, and the age where people and governments are as close as they've ever been to equal.

191 Days Without Charge from WikiLeaks on Vimeo.

Assange has now been under house arrest without charge for 339 days.

In other Wikileaks-related news, Bradley Manning, alleged source of the Collateral Murder video from the Iraq war, has been detained for 526 days without trial in the US.

(Pssst...pay attention to those UNESCO folks. They're the ones who, with the NDP Government here in Manitoba, want to make a huge chunk of forest on the East side of Lake Winnipeg a heritage site)


Anonymous said...

Okay, so two things here:

First, Canada isn't cutting UNESCO funding. They're not going to increase funding to UNESCO to make up for the US pulling their funding.They are maintaining their current level of funding.

Second, I'm not too clear on your last part about UNESCO wanting heritage designation for the Boreal forest. Right now, that area is only on the potential Canadian nominee list. All that list states is which sites can be put forward by their respective country. The boreal hasn't gone forward to UNESCO, it still has to be put forward by the CDN gov;t ( no guarantee that it will be) and if it does get put forward, there is no guarantee UNESCO will approve. Either way, we won't get an answer for 3-4 years minimum.

Graham said...

Point conceded on Canada. Will edit that paragraph.

And Palestinian sites will never get an answer.

Are the rest of the world's potential heritage sites more worthy than theirs?

What is on the "potential" list for Palestinian heritage sites?

Anonymous said...

I was actually more take aback by the freep's link. For them to call it 'Canada cutting UNESCO funding' when that clearly isn't the case is pretty misleading.

My point on the Bipole is that it is a long and drawn out process, and contrary to what the provincial gov't would have you believe it's not really their decision. As for Palestine, while the tentative list for Israel shows several sites of Jewish significance, there are also a few of Palestinian significance. The same amount? No. Should there be the same amount? I don't know the answer to that one.

Alyson said...

I'm still blown away by the Wikileaks/Julian Assange situation. Not surprised per-se, but I keep expecting the good guy to win out and it doesn't seem to be happening. It says a lot about the world we live in.