Monday, August 22, 2011

Winnipeg Free Press buries Cathy Rushton firing

Buried? Ignored? Or maybe editor Margo Goodhand decided that Rushton's firing for some reason, wasn't news worthy?

The Free Press decided to say something about it today even though Rushton, largely responsible for the silencing of The Great Canadian Talk Show, was fired....

...At the end of May.

Almost 3 months ago.

Suspiciously concordant with this well-timed breaking-news story about Rushton getting sacked, is a story about how Stephanie Forsyth wants to build sports complexes as part of Red River College.

I might have conceded the conspiracy argument had the firing been, say, last week, and Forsyth's ambitions came out today. But this isn't the case, Rushton was fired nearly THREE months ago.

Forsyth also comments on the Union Bank Tower building, and how some of it is behind schedule. According to my sources, Rushton was terminated because of gross mismanagement, lack of oversight and major delays on the Union Bank project. No comment about this is in Nick Martin's piece, just in the "Rushton was fired 3 months ago" blurb.

Once again, the Free Press reports history.

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