Sunday, August 7, 2011

CDI College sponsors new scholarship, raising awareness about homelessness

Progressive, good news.

CDI College on Main Street is teaming up with an activist for homeless people, Mark Horvath. Mark is currently on a long journey, travelling all across North America, to film and interview homeless people across the continent, to give them a voice, to let their stories be heard.

Mark's story is quite extraordinary. At one time, he had a great paying job in the film industry in LA. A few bad decisions and addictions later, he was homeless himself. He has since picked himself back up, and is using his experience to do humanitarian work.

The goal is education. All of us are only a step or two away from being homeless ourselves. It is easy to forget that.

"Invisible People" is the name of the documentary project. On the site, you can view videos of homeless people's stories.

I am hoping this rather remarkable project can have an impact in Winnipeg. Even if it is just a tiny little dent. People's attitudes towards people on the streets here is abysmal and more depressing than the issue of homelessness itself. These invisible people are often looked down upon and when discussing issues related to homelessness in our inner city and downtown, and to hear or read people discussing these things, often makes me think that somewhere amongst suburban-generated fear of street people, it is forgotten that they aren't actually people.

Which makes the title of the project incredibly fitting. And Mark's campaign an important, respectable, and noble one. To show the human side of a part of society that is all but ignored.

CDI College has decided to step up to the plate and create a new scholarship in Mark Horvath's honour. I'll be posting some details on the scholarship tomorrow.

Mark is on the Twitter @hardlynormal and the Invisible People project also has a Twitter account, here.

Come down to CDI College on Main at 6:30PM Tuesday to hear Mark's message and presentation.

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