Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abominably Preposterous

After just declaring I would only post stuff like this on Friday, I've already broken my publishing schedule. However this was so repulsive it couldn't wait.

A Republican Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, visited Iraq last Friday as part of a "congressional delegation." He suggested that Iraq eventually pay the US Government back for the cost of their 2003 invasion. More preposterously and the subject of this short post, after a meeting with the Iraqi PM who informed the delegation of an ongoing investigation into the killing of 35 Iranians, Rohrabacher told reporters that the massacre was probably a crime against humanity.

Iraq told them to leave and later that day, the delegation was on their way out of the country.

What does it say about the American view of the war in Iraq, these two statements? That America is always right, that America "saved" Iraq from itself and that the Iraqi people should be forever indebted to them? After eight years of a clusterfucking mess and the deaths of over 100 000 people?

What is more gut wrenching is this statement from the congressman:

"We did say that the massacre of so many civilians was a crime, and we needed to make sure that those responsible for it were held accountable."

That makes me sick.

Wikileaks, through the Afghan War Diaries and the Iraq War Logs, uncovered numerous "crimes against humanity" committed by the US Military. To make the accusation to the Iraqi government of committing a war crime, after 8 years of occupying that country and committing numerous violations of human rights and international law, leaves me speechless.

Perhaps the congressman would like to hold his former boss, George Bush Jr, for the proliferation of Guantanamo Bay and the arrests and torture of innocent people. Or perhaps he would like to explain why the Pentagon covered up the deaths of 15 000 Iraqi civilians as uncovered by Wikileaks. Or perhaps he would like to investigate President Obama for the treatment of Private Bradley Manning. Or perhaps he should think about the legalities and international implications of assassination.

This congressman is holding his head far too piously high.

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