Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CPR rebranding in 21st century: "CentrePort"

Congratulations to all people involved with CentrePort as they have officially figured out how to get Manitoba agriculture products to China.

Using nothing but state-of-the-art technologies and leading-edge logistics methods, CentrePort officials should be patted on the back for their ingenious solution to use the Canadian Pacific Railway to ship Manitoban soybeans, green peas, and canola to BC., which will then be shipped to China.

"The concept calls for locally grown soybeans, green peas and canola meal to be loaded into containers, taken by rail to B.C. ports and shipped to China, specifically to an inland port in the city of Chongqing."

Though the CPR was completed in 1885, and the first train to Vancouver arrived in 1887, only now with the incredible guile of CentrePort, has it been possible to ship Manitoban crops to BC for export.

Sir John A MacDonald and The Honourable Alexander Mackenzie could not be reached for comment.


The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

Only in the Free Press.

One Man Committee said...


heywaitaminute said...

We have a railway that reaches allll the way out west..to Vancouver??? Really??? Wow ho'd uv thunk it..that thar real purty city now ain't it? Never seen all them lights being from a hick town and all. Never even seen them..what was it "railway" befores.

unclebob said...

Now the only remaining issue is whether or not the Chinese happen to like to eat beans