Friday, March 4, 2011

Quantico rhymes with Guantanamo

Who is Bradley Manning? This wonderfully compact and short article from The Guardian should fill you in;

"In recent days and weeks the US government has condemned human rights abuses and repression in almost every country across the Middle East – yet at a prison within its own borders it sanctions the persecution, alleged psychological torture and debasement of a young soldier who appears to have made a principled choice in the name of progress."

And my piece which appeared in the December 26th 2010 WFP here.


Fat Arse said...

The myth of "human rights" and the systemic abuse suffered by so-called "enemies of the state" in all western democracies will be our undoing.

ssshauna said...

CBC's The Passionate Eye has an online documentary on Bradley Manning's plight. Interesting watch.