Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interview with Paul Kemp; producer of "Save my Lake"

Producer of the documentary "Save my Lake," a film about Lake Winnipeg, graciously gave me a bunch of interview time. Paul Kemp is from Stornoway Productions.

Remember, the film airs on CBC on March 17th at 9PM local time. A screening will also occur at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on March 22nd, followed by a panel discussion hosted by Terry Mcleod.

The chat with Paul was a wide-sweeping one, about most of the topics covered in the film.

"...every year they're scrambling just to get gas to keep that thing going. If it wasn't for [Winnipeg Research Consortium], we'd be in big trouble." Paul Kemp, commenting on the Lake Winnipeg research vessel Namao.

Thought my first podcast went pretty well, though at times because it was a phone interview, was a little tricky. It's my first time not only podcasting but also recording an interview, as well as editing it. Which all went pretty smooth except for a couple minor hiccups.

I will be posting a second podcast on Monday, with Dr Gordon Goldsborough, and continue my week-long "Save my Lake" coverage tomorrow, on the extent of the Lake's watershed.

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