Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview with Dr Gordon Goldsborough: Save my Lake

The second interview-podcast in promotion of "Save my Lake," a documentary about the environmental issues surrounding Lake Winnipeg airing on April 3rd at 7PM on CBC.

Dr Gordon Goldsborough is a wetland ecologist in Manitoba, a leading scientist working on Lake Winnipeg, and an associate professor at the University of Manitoba. We talk about Manitoba Hydro, the affect of water level stabilization on the Lake, and discuss what impact marshes have on Lake ecology.

Gord will also be featured as part of an expert panel and discussion at a [TBA date], following a screening of the film. Join the Facebook event page for that.

And, Dr Goldsborough, the historian! (///teaser)

Here's a bunch of links and more information that is talked about in the podcast:

My (historically archived c.2008) post that is referenced: about incentives to restore wetlands.

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation.

The Government of Manitoba's Wetland restoration incentive program.

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