Monday, March 21, 2011

Doesn't the US Army know what is truly "repugnant?"

In a surprising publication, German magazine Der Spiegel has published photos of US soldiers posing beside dead Afghan civilians., that isn't so surprising.

After the Wikileaks data dumps, the Afghan War Diary and the Iraq War Logs, it became crystal clear just how abusive the US Military actually is. It laid clear for everybody, that war crimes were tolerated and dismissed, and that civilian casualties were not properly accounted for or reported. Other reports surfaced that some of the members of the Military are twisted enough to collect body parts of Afghans as trophies, and to go back before Wikileaks existed there was the infamous case of US soldiers posing with tortured Iraqis in various degrading and humiliating positions.

The US Military has a history of this within the last decade. It is something that affects more than one or two twisted individuals.

That the US Army would then release a statement about how 'repugnant' Der Spiegel is for publishing these photos, is repugnant in itself. The actions of the US Army, the Pentagon, and the US Government, is repugnant. That they have knowingly allowed numerous injustices and war crimes to happen, and that they have completely disregarded human rights for the people of the Middle East since they first set foot in Afghanistan in 2001.

That the US Army would rather lash out at the publication of these photos as if they should remain a secret, is repugnant. Indeed it is high time the US release a statement saying that they are ashamed of their actions and of the soldiers who choose to do these sickening acts.

If anyone is going to tell me that the leaking of this information is not of any real consequence or that Wikileaks is irrelevant, then I would like to know what justifies keeping these hideous acts and blatant violations of international law a secret, and why a country's people should not be allowed to know what their military is really up to.

That the US Government treats Bradley Manning as a threat of national security, is folly in the face of the actions it's own soldiers are taking overseas. The people who have committed these atrocious actions were not subjected to solitary confinement or degrading conditions themselves. Figures.

It's all repugnant.


It turns out the men accused of taking Afghani body parts as 'trophies' are the same men in the photos that Der Spiegel has published. 12 soldiers are in court martial right now and have denied the charges against them, and despite the thousands of photographs as well as videos Der Spiegel has obtained, they have all denied the charges against them.

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