Monday, February 7, 2011

Cathy Rushton RRC one-ups her own Katz "complaint" by going Federal

I sure am glad I waited to write again about Red River Censorship because it turns out there is a disturbing trend of what comes out of Cathy Rushton's mouth.

This time it wasn't that Mayor Sam Katz had "complained," it was Federal Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews.

Last week following my blog post, Cathy Rushton had emailed me about this "mistake" and begged me, a blogger, to "correct the record." Since obviously the blogosphere is an official place to make such corrections.

Rushton won't actually correct the record with the College. No no, she's more concerned about what I, Progressive Winnipeg, write about her instead. And for a moment I was willing to at least consider her "mistake" as true, but TWO different politicians? This, a mistake is not.

How many other politicians "made complaints?" Probably none. In fact, no complaints about The Great Canadian Talk Show have thus far surfaced. But if you ask Cathy Rushton? I'm sure there's tooons of people who "complained."

How fucking disgusting is that?

How many people do you have to drag through the muck? Why would you even DO something like this? Did she hate Marty Gold THAT MUCH, to be willing to make up falsities about reputable politicians? Not just local politicians either, but FEDERAL MINISTERS?!

And of all people, why VIC TOEWS? At least Mayor Sam Katz was on the show and had been challenged and grilled by Marty Gold on the airwaves. Vic Toews however, was never on the show. Ever. So what's he doing "complaining" about a show that he likely has never even heard of?

This is so sick, so disgusting, and such a clear violation of every rule in the book, such a clear violation of ethics and morals, that Cathy Rushton should be fired immediately.

That a Red River College staff member, that a Red River College Interim President, was willing to go to these lengths to make sure people around Red River College were aware that "all these different politicians complained about Marty Gold" and that "oh even Vic Toews complained about Marty Gold" cannot be tolerated in ANY institution.

And this College teaches "journalism?"

What kind of journalism would that be? The kind based on facts or the kind where you make stuff up and make wild claims about people with good reputations? Just to carry your own personal grudge.

So what have we got? A petty grudge between Rushton and other people in the College (since I'm sure she didn't do this all by herself) and Marty Gold. A person who is then willing to canvass ME to "correct the record" because she is more worried about her own personal image than the mass tarnish she has brandished on everyone else. Rushton it seems, would rather Marty Gold remain where she left him after dragging him through the mud. And for that matter, the people who worked with him, and the volunteers who supported that program like myself.

Rushton has nothing to hide behind. How many more lies will come from her? Is she willing to step up and set a good example for her own journalism students? Is she willing to actually correct the record and reinstate TGCTS?

Right now the more pressing question is: is Stephanie Forsyth willing to fire such a unethical, immoral and selfish person, and reinstate TGCTS herself.

Time, time. Time will show us Rushton's next fib. Have you heard the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" No? Reeeaaally? Well let me tell it to you....


Fat Arse said...

The more of this saga I read, both here and elsewhere, the more I think it should be brought to a definitive end.


WEB said...

Its is time for Cathy Rushton to realize that the only way to redeem herself is to lead the charge to restore TGCTS which was the victim of false rumours. She could do it, if she cares about her own reputation. Sticking with SForsyth is a foolish move. Stephanie is tainted badly and will be unemployable in the not too distant future.

Ides of Munch said...

Graham, it would be most interesting to read your correspondence with Rushton.
Care to share that with us?

Graham said...


Send me an email I'll gladly forward you the chain.

Sam said...

@ Fat Arse

I have been trying to tell Marty the same thing: SUE RED RIVER COLLEGE! But for whatever reason he doesn‘t do it.

If something like this happened to me where I had a contract with some one or some organization and they refused to live up to their terms of the contract I would have legal grounds to sue and I would.

Chelsea said...

Rushton was turfed by RRC last week.