Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Republican obsession with Islam

Watching CNN for a good chunk of this afternoon waiting for the anticipated response of dictator Mubarak, I honestly had to keep it on mute for most of the time. Between jabs about who was best suited as Egyptian "President" to resume America's pro-Israel anti-Muslim military-aid relationship with Egypt, and what the "Muslim Brotherhood" was up to, I just couldn't stand it.

Here is a country that is so hell bent on preaching virtues of freedom and democracy that even corporate news anchors buy into the White House's silly charade.

Thankfully the rest of the world has things like Al Jazeera English, whose coverage of Egypt has been unrivaled, and the presence of journalists such as (yes I'm plugging Bobby again) Robert Fisk of The Independent:

And then there was the absence of the "Islamism" that haunts the darkest corners of the West, encouraged – as usual – by America and Israel. As my mobile phone vibrated again and again, it was the same old story. Every radio anchor, every announcer, every newsroom wanted to know if the Muslim Brotherhood was behind this epic demonstration. Would the Brotherhood take over Egypt? I told the truth. It was rubbish.

Fisk also asserts that who American media are calling "the opposition leader," Mohammed ElBaradei, is also "rubbish," to speak Britishly.

For anyone following the protests in Africa and the Middle East, Al Jazeera English and Middle East veteran Robert Fisk are must-go-to-s.


Fat Arse said...

Good post. And kudos on the awesome blog makeover! It's way easier on my eyes and less, err, "dark" (i.e. more welcoming) than the other template. Good job.

Ian said...

Fisk is one of the few that get it. Of all the network coverage, I'm most impressed with the CBC. Having reporters with lots of experience in that region gives their coverage much more credibility.

Graham said...

Thanks guys, very much appreciated!

Ian, its good to know others follow Fisk, he's one of the veteran Middle East journalists out there, experts on all things M.E. He writes as though Cairo were his childhood back yard.

John Dobbin said...

I keep looking at the variety of news coming out of the region.

I hope Egypt comes out of this for the better. However, given the obstacles, I am nervous that things could be turbulent for some time.