Monday, January 31, 2011

Red River Censorship makes up lie about Mayor Sam Katz

Trying to wrap my head around this. I just can't. This is such a repulsive action that I just can't.

Red River Censorship fabricated a lie that the Mayor, Mayor Sam Katz, made complaints about The Great Canadian Talk Show?

I just don't get it. What possesses somebody to do something like that? It is sick. I would've loved to witness Sam's reaction to finding out he apparently had made a complaint. At least we have a bit of a window into what Sam thinks about this.

Not only that, but she tarnished the sterling reputation of former RRC President Jeff Zabudsky, implicating him in this fiction, that Sam Katz had called Zabudsky to complain.

This is just disgusting. Fucking disgusting.

ALL Red River students should be disgusted with this. Why? Because this Cathy Rushton was interim president between Zabudsky's departure, and Stephanie Forsyth's current term. During that time she not only made up a story about the Mayor complaining about TGCTS but also stated that she..

"I'm not big on censorship at all but I think the CKIC Board needs to talk about our relationship with [Gold]."

Reference to RRC as "Red River Censorship" has some base. Doesn't it? It came right from the top. The president. The PRESIDENT OF RED RIVER COLLEGE IN AUGUST SAID SHE "WASN'T BIG ON CENSORSHIP, BUT..."

Fucking. Disgusting.

Oh we haven't even rung up Margo Goodhand's involvement in censorship to this running total.

Cathy Rushton. Ugh.

What are the values of RRC? What is the POINT, of their CreComm course? They preach the removal of freedoms and individual rights if you don't play the game they want you to. They don't want you to do your own thing. They don't want you to express yourself, which, is a grand irony given the program is named "Creative Communications."

Creative Censorship. Invent and fabricate stories about other people. Ruin other people's livelihoods.

This is intimidation by an establishment at its finest. They thought they could silence TGCTS and just as silently, walk away. They thought they could silence a voice of a community, remove a media outlet, without consequence. What about freedom of expression? What about freedom of information? What about your right to free speech?

Cathy Rushton, Stephanie Forsyth and Margo Goodhand don't want you to have free speech.

For all of the SHIT that got thrown at Marty Gold, and all the criticism that gets thrown his way, about him being "unprofessional" and "not a good role model" and that he had no "journalistic integrity?" Suck on that, Rushton, Goodhand.

The truth always wins. The truth also often hurts. And it is sure hurting Rushton and Goodhand by accusing Marty Gold about things he simply did not do and things he simply was not, while being fully guilty of those things themselves. It hurts these organizations to have such corrupt individuals in such high positions as Rushton and Goodhand both have.

Gold NEVER, EVER, fabricated lies to push his own agenda. He never made up stories and passed them off as truth. He had sources, real ones, that he referenced, that he put on air, that he quoted, ALL IN ATTEMPT TO PRACTICE PROFESSIONALISM AND JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR THE PURPOSE OF LAYING OUT THE BARE TRUTH OF THE STORY.

Cathy "Censorship" Rushton and Margo "Unprofessional" Goodhand need to be fired immediately if their respective organizations care at all about the honesty and moral integrity of they claim to represent.

Abusive organizations who treat people like Red River College and the Winnipeg Free Press have treated Marty Gold, deserve to be exposed. For the simple reason that violating freedom of speech, expression, and information, is not acceptable. These values are foundations of our very way of life. To take them away and deprive individuals of these basic rights, and ruining their lives in the process, is unacceptable.


Any student, or staff, of Red River College should demand answers, and action to correct the record immediately from Stephanie Forsyth, and for Cathy Rushton's immediate termination.

Email that letter of Sam's to these people and demand action be taken. Fighting corrupt regimes is always worthwhile.

Fans of the show and of free speech, please email this letter to your councillor and let them know how you feel about your Mayor being lied about for the purposes of silencing a voice of the community by a post secondary institution.


Fat Arse said...

Gotta say I don't always agree with Katz ... in fact, I have even been known on occasion to call him untoward names YET in this case I have to admit that he has shown some class. Not only has he clearly and demonstrably stated that he personally had to part in this fiasco, but he has also done it with a rare degree of CLARITY. Kudos to Katz! May CLARITY reign gfor the rest of his term!

Fat Arse said...

oopsie "to part" should = "NO PART"

Orange Rod said...

Does anyone care about this anymore ? Marty got screwed , but lets all move on.

Graham said...

Yeah Creamsicle, I care.

Corrupt and abusive people have been exposed for interfering with basic freedoms. Given the Winnipeg Free Press and RRC are involved, this is not something that you just "move on" from.

Riverman said...

Orange rod, you should talk. You censor comments and corrections on your blog all the time.

Ides of Munch said...

If I were Sam, I would demand a "public" apology from Rushton. Anything less would prove these "higher-ups" just cover for themselves and it's business as usual.
Will he do that? I doubt it.

Outlaw said...

Well Done, Graham.