Friday, January 7, 2011


To One Man Committee, who was written a wonderful piece on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

"But as uncomfortable as it may be to have to point this out, the [Ukrainian Canadian Congress] should realize and acknowledge that the building going up on Waterfront Drive is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, not the Canadian Museum of Genocide"

And all I would add is that, or maybe make this correction, is that it isn't the UCC that we should be worried about viewing CMHR as a genocide museum, rather we should be worried about the CMHR viewing the CMHR as a genocide museum.

I will keep covering the Ecuador situation, see the archives tab on the right for more, and try to figure out how to make myself into a lobbyist of some kind for that.

The story on this museum is what they should be covering that they aren't. No, no I don't mean this famine over that famine or which genocide gets in and which doesn't. I'm talking about the human rights stories that are happening here in this very town as I sit here and write this post that are not covered, but covered up.

No pun intended for the native burial ground underneath the CMHR that goes unrecognized of course. Or the many stories one could find in the North End. Or the story of censorship at a local community college.

Nobody wants their dirty dealings exposed, especially if it has anything to do with human rights. Don't ever kid yourself that because you live in Canada human rights violations don't exist. Let it be known that there are many in high up places who haven't a moral conscience to speak of.

"I'll tell you what, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky and all that bullshit about how hard it was in Siberia, and how hard it was in Cancer Ward, well they ain't seen nothin', if they knew where to look in this city."

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