Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fisk is probably going to become "daily required reading"

The way Robert Fisk reports from the ground, the style and choice of words is really something else. We can expect this every day for some time yet, I'm sure.

As per usual from The Independent:

"Climbing on to an American-made battle tank myself, I could only remember those wonderful films of the liberation of Paris. A few hundred metres away, Hosni Mubarak's black-uniformed security police were still firing at demonstrators near the interior ministry. It was a wild, historical victory celebration, Mubarak's own tanks freeing his capital from his own dictatorship."

"When I told the demonstrators on the tank around me the news of Suleiman's appointment, they burst into laughter."

Laughable indeed.

"Their crews, in battledress and smiling and in some cases clapping their hands, made no attempt to wipe off the graffiti that the crowds had spray-painted on their tanks. "Mubarak Out – Get Out", and "Your regime is over, Mubarak" have now been plastered on almost every Egyptian tank on the streets of Cairo."

From a Telegraph blogger, comes this, which is something we all need to keep in mind. For meaningful change to happen, it must come from the Egyptian peoples, from what they want, and what they choose. Otherwise, change for the better or the worse, is pointless.

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