Monday, January 31, 2011

Red River Censorship makes up lie about Mayor Sam Katz

Trying to wrap my head around this. I just can't. This is such a repulsive action that I just can't.

Red River Censorship fabricated a lie that the Mayor, Mayor Sam Katz, made complaints about The Great Canadian Talk Show?

I just don't get it. What possesses somebody to do something like that? It is sick. I would've loved to witness Sam's reaction to finding out he apparently had made a complaint. At least we have a bit of a window into what Sam thinks about this.

Not only that, but she tarnished the sterling reputation of former RRC President Jeff Zabudsky, implicating him in this fiction, that Sam Katz had called Zabudsky to complain.

This is just disgusting. Fucking disgusting.

ALL Red River students should be disgusted with this. Why? Because this Cathy Rushton was interim president between Zabudsky's departure, and Stephanie Forsyth's current term. During that time she not only made up a story about the Mayor complaining about TGCTS but also stated that she..

"I'm not big on censorship at all but I think the CKIC Board needs to talk about our relationship with [Gold]."

Reference to RRC as "Red River Censorship" has some base. Doesn't it? It came right from the top. The president. The PRESIDENT OF RED RIVER COLLEGE IN AUGUST SAID SHE "WASN'T BIG ON CENSORSHIP, BUT..."

Fucking. Disgusting.

Oh we haven't even rung up Margo Goodhand's involvement in censorship to this running total.

Cathy Rushton. Ugh.

What are the values of RRC? What is the POINT, of their CreComm course? They preach the removal of freedoms and individual rights if you don't play the game they want you to. They don't want you to do your own thing. They don't want you to express yourself, which, is a grand irony given the program is named "Creative Communications."

Creative Censorship. Invent and fabricate stories about other people. Ruin other people's livelihoods.

This is intimidation by an establishment at its finest. They thought they could silence TGCTS and just as silently, walk away. They thought they could silence a voice of a community, remove a media outlet, without consequence. What about freedom of expression? What about freedom of information? What about your right to free speech?

Cathy Rushton, Stephanie Forsyth and Margo Goodhand don't want you to have free speech.

For all of the SHIT that got thrown at Marty Gold, and all the criticism that gets thrown his way, about him being "unprofessional" and "not a good role model" and that he had no "journalistic integrity?" Suck on that, Rushton, Goodhand.

The truth always wins. The truth also often hurts. And it is sure hurting Rushton and Goodhand by accusing Marty Gold about things he simply did not do and things he simply was not, while being fully guilty of those things themselves. It hurts these organizations to have such corrupt individuals in such high positions as Rushton and Goodhand both have.

Gold NEVER, EVER, fabricated lies to push his own agenda. He never made up stories and passed them off as truth. He had sources, real ones, that he referenced, that he put on air, that he quoted, ALL IN ATTEMPT TO PRACTICE PROFESSIONALISM AND JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR THE PURPOSE OF LAYING OUT THE BARE TRUTH OF THE STORY.

Cathy "Censorship" Rushton and Margo "Unprofessional" Goodhand need to be fired immediately if their respective organizations care at all about the honesty and moral integrity of they claim to represent.

Abusive organizations who treat people like Red River College and the Winnipeg Free Press have treated Marty Gold, deserve to be exposed. For the simple reason that violating freedom of speech, expression, and information, is not acceptable. These values are foundations of our very way of life. To take them away and deprive individuals of these basic rights, and ruining their lives in the process, is unacceptable.


Any student, or staff, of Red River College should demand answers, and action to correct the record immediately from Stephanie Forsyth, and for Cathy Rushton's immediate termination.

Email that letter of Sam's to these people and demand action be taken. Fighting corrupt regimes is always worthwhile.

Fans of the show and of free speech, please email this letter to your councillor and let them know how you feel about your Mayor being lied about for the purposes of silencing a voice of the community by a post secondary institution.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fisk is probably going to become "daily required reading"

The way Robert Fisk reports from the ground, the style and choice of words is really something else. We can expect this every day for some time yet, I'm sure.

As per usual from The Independent:

"Climbing on to an American-made battle tank myself, I could only remember those wonderful films of the liberation of Paris. A few hundred metres away, Hosni Mubarak's black-uniformed security police were still firing at demonstrators near the interior ministry. It was a wild, historical victory celebration, Mubarak's own tanks freeing his capital from his own dictatorship."

"When I told the demonstrators on the tank around me the news of Suleiman's appointment, they burst into laughter."

Laughable indeed.

"Their crews, in battledress and smiling and in some cases clapping their hands, made no attempt to wipe off the graffiti that the crowds had spray-painted on their tanks. "Mubarak Out – Get Out", and "Your regime is over, Mubarak" have now been plastered on almost every Egyptian tank on the streets of Cairo."

From a Telegraph blogger, comes this, which is something we all need to keep in mind. For meaningful change to happen, it must come from the Egyptian peoples, from what they want, and what they choose. Otherwise, change for the better or the worse, is pointless.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fisk in Cairo

There may not be a better way to read about Egypt than from the pen of Robert Fisk. He is in Cairo right now and reporting for the Independent.

But then, no sooner had the last prayers been uttered than the crowd of worshippers, perched above the highway, turned towards the police. "Mubarak, Mubarak," they shouted. "Saudi Arabia is waiting for you." That's when the water cannons were turned on the crowd – the police had every intention of fighting them even though not a stone had been thrown. The water smashed into the crowd and then the hoses were pointed directly at ElBaradei, who reeled back, drenched.

He had returned from Vienna a few hours earlier and few Egyptians think he will run Egypt – he claims to want to be a negotiator – but this was a disgrace. Egypt's most honoured politician, a Nobel prize winner who had held the post of the UN's top nuclear inspector, was drenched like a street urchin. That's what Mubarak thought of him, I suppose: just another trouble maker with a "hidden agenda" – that really is the language the Egyptian government is using right now.

All that American military equipment comes in handy when you want to humiliate your political opponents.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unlucky Marc Savard

Diverting from my normal commentary subjects today, into a sport I hardly write about (though follow fervently), would like to say a few things about hockey player Marc Savard. Note there are many videos I have embedded here. I've a soft spot for the guy.

Savard is one of the few amazingly talented NHL players I have had the opportunity to watch, that is to say given my age, encompassing the last ten years or so. Unfortunately, and as is the subject of this post, he has suffered numerous injuries, including two concussions in less than a year, neither of which are at all his fault.

Many times a player gets a headshot or a concussion it is half his own fault. Either he's got his head down, or he turns his back at the last second, or he's going up the Trolley Tracks, which I am surprised and delighted that this Don Cherryism made it's way into the Urban Dictionary. “Suicide pass” for the rest of you's.

See what I did there? ...Ah shucks, okay, moving on.

Not Marc Savard though. No, Savard is in the statistically insignificant < 5% margin of things.

Marc Savard was drafted a remarkable 91st overall by the New York Rangers in 1995 (in other words, don't believe the rookie draft hype by TSN). Marc would turn into one of the top players in the league in due time, though he didn't even play in the AHL for Hartford until 1997. He didn't become a full-time NHL'er until 1999 when he was traded in the off season to Calgary.

He recorded his first point-per-game season, though cut short, in 2003-04 with the Atlanta Thrashers. Following the lockout in '04-'05 he spent the time in Europe like many other players. As anyone who follows hockey knows, he lit it up the rink with fellow teammates Dany Heatley and Ilya Kovalchuk which stood as the top firepower line for that season. Savard recorded a whopping 97 points, good for 9th overall...not too shabby for a lowly 91st draft pick.

That performance earned him a high-calibre contract with the Boston Bruins in 2006. After his 97-point season in Atlanta he recorded 96 with the Bruins, proving he wasn't a flash-in-the-pan. The following season he recorded a highly respectable 78 points in 74 games while missing the remainder due to a nagging injury. In 2008-09, he played a full season, 82 games, putting up 88 points.

If you've followed the stats and history thus far, and understand it, '08-09 would be his last point-per-game season. His amazing career, unappreciated and overlooked abilities, would never be the same again.

The game between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 7th of 2010 would produce one of the most vicious and uncalled-for hits in NHL history. This is of course the Matt Cooke hit that anyone who follows hockey has seen ad nauseam, which was a clear headshot and a clear intent to injure. Savard had no protection, was following through with a shot in the high slot, and no attempt was made by Cooke to take the body.

If you have not seen this hit enough times to make you sick, you can watch it here:

Stunningly, Matt Cooke was not fined, nor was he suspended or reprimanded in any way for this hit. As I write this in 2011, where players have been suspended for less and in many cases arguably legal hits, it seems ludicrous that even in an era where the NHL did not penalize for headshots, that Matt Cooke was let off scot-free.

Don Cherry that week, provided a blistering sermon against Matt Cooke, displaying Cooke's tendency for cheap shots. A user on Youtube has conveniently edited this segment out of that week's Coach's Corner.

“Marc Savard now, is in a room, he's gotta have it dark, he can't watch TV, he can't watch anything.”

“I've never seen this in my life before,” Cherry says, noting the look on Sidney Crosby's face after the hit, showing the sickening fear that overtakes Crosby as he realizes that it could be him sprawled out on the ice. Crosby though, isn't that unlucky.

Nobody knew just how long Savard would be out. Many people including myself waited on the edge of our seats upon news that he was skating with the team leading up to the 2010 playoffs. As the Bruins got through the first round against the Buffalo Sabres, the Bruins announced that Marc Savard would miraculously return for Game 1 of the second round against the Philadelphia Flyers. You bet I watched every second of that game.

With the game tied 4-4, the puck in the Flyers' zone and a scrambling, disorganized Flyers team, the puck ended up on no-one other than Savard's stick, putting a screamer into the top corner.

Savard then exploded, producing one of the most emotional celebrations in NHL history. Bruins fans went ballistic. NHL fans across the continent nodded and smiled in telepathic, mutual satisfaction.

You can watch it here, slow motion goal and celebration starts at about 2:00:

The goal and reaction would make it on to one of the best series of advertisements ever (you probably won't ever hear me say that again), “History will be made” series, which ran last year during the NHL playoffs.

The Bruins would go on to lose to the Flyers in 7 games. When the 2010-11 season began, Savard wasn't to be seen. Somehow he played through a few playoff games, but post-concussion symptoms returned, removing him from play again. He wouldn't return until December 2nd in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which the Bruins won handily 8-1, but the only mark Savard would make on the game sheet was a lonely single shot on goal during 16 minutes of ice time.

Unlucky surfaced again for Marc in a nail-biting incident, again unluckily, against the Pittsburgh Penguins on January 11th, a little over a month after his post-concussion return.

Deryk Engellend decided to give a tough shot to Savard, throwing his head into the boards. Again note that nothing about this hit is Savard's fault, his head is not down, his back is not turned.

He wouldn't miss any games, however, it was only a nine-day wait until his next unlucky encounter, and this one would put him out for a second time within a year with a concussion. While chasing the puck in the corner, Savard would be clipped in the head. And again, for a third time in less than a year, Savard was not at fault, he wasn't in an icing race, his head was not down and his back was not turned. A poorly timed hit placed by Matt Hunwick of the Colorado Avalanche would deliver Savard's next unlucky moment.

Now we wait. Fans of the Bruins, fans of Marc Savard and fans of hockey wait to see if the rest of this season will be a write-off. If post-concussion symptoms will again haunt Marc throughout the off-season, and more importantly, if he will ever be able to return to the game of hockey in the 90+ point capacity that he is capable of.

I'll end with a humorous clip from Coach's Corner, where Don Cherry picked up on Marc talking to his stick. If you can't stand Grapes, you can skip to around 5:20.

Godspeed and get better, Marc. Probably the best 91st draft pick ever. No wonder he wears #91.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The NDP's new pet project: bullying KICK FM

Details of the NDP's involvement with KICK FM and Red River Censorship, err, Red River College, are coming around now and I can't get my mind around a few things.

First is The Kenny Show from this past Sunday, January 9th. Now I know Kenny's got tons of fans who listen every week without fail so obviously this story is getting spread around a lot. If I'm dripping with sarcasm here just let me know, I'm not trying to insult The Kenny Show or anything.

What happened to Kenny is startling and should have all Manitobans and Winnipeggers, and especially Red River College students, aware of at the very least. If I were a RRC student, and especially a journalism student, I'd be a little more than concerned.

Kenny phoned Greg Selinger's constituency office. Kenny has mightily conveniently posted all this audio to Youtube. The audio of that phone call is included in the shortly upcoming link. Over the Christmas break, he not only got an email from NDP Cabinet Communications, but it was sent to the office of Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth. You can listen to that, here.

So in point form:

1. KICK FM radio host leaves a humorous call (or lame and silly if that's how you roll) complete with Christmas music to the Premier's constituency office, which the phone number of, was included in an ad in the Red River College student newspaper The Projector.

2. NDP Cabinet Communications sends the office of Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth a letter. In the letter Jay Branch (Cabinet Communications) misconstrues what Kenny actually said in his phone call and suggests somebody should "have a chat" with Kenny regarding "calling the Premier's office."

3. President's secretary, Deb Pokrant, forwards email to many people including a member of the Kick FM Board.

4. A member of Kick FM's board, Rob, establishes communication with Cabinet Communications to acquire a transcript of the phone call.

5. Board member Rob receives transcript of the phone call.

Iiiintresting. Does the NDP Government and the office of Stephanie Forsyth control freedom of speech and freedom of expression on Kick FM? At least they seem to want to.

Kenny correctly points out that if you go to the RRC website, there is no mention of or logo of KICK. Which would be because it isn't the College's station. The College just funds it. The students have the opportunity to use it. In fact, this is what it says on the KICK FM website:

CKIC-FM is owned and operated by Cre-Comm Radio Inc. and licensed by the CRTC as a non-profit campus radio station, based at Red River College, who supplies the majority of the station's operating costs.

All of this is essentially repeated on a post made on the TGCTS blog on Monday, though I didn't get a chance to hear the audio until last night myself.

Given what's been circulated about the cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show on KICK I can't help but see this as similar in some fashion to how Marty Gold was taken off the air. The NDP has pressured RRC to get Marty off the airwaves before, and so has the Winnipeg Free Press. The story that appeared in the National Post last November confirmed that WFP Editor Margo Goodhand also contacted RRC President Stephanie Forsyth about Marty Gold and The Great Canadian Talk Show.

The other thing that I'm aware of, is that former RRC President Jeff Zabudsky was pressured by the NDP and WFP, but always said KICK FM was separate of RRC, and that issues with the radio station went to the station manager, Rick Baverstock.

So given that the NDP Cabinet Communications went directly to the office of the RRC President without going to the station manager in the case of the Kenny Show, and knowing the swiftness and unexpected cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show, I'm thinking that a similar thing happened. Note here that Kenny was a senior producer on TGCTS almost since it's inception and continued to be a part of the program up to the day it was cancelled, and had hosted the show himself on a couple of occasions when Marty Gold was away on business.

Someone pressured, asked, or told the RRC President to quash The Great Canadian Talk Show. And without former President Jeff Zabudsky there to keep the college from interfering in an "arms length non-profit," things started falling. Without someone stronger than outside pressure to stand up, the foundation cracked.

The community lost a voice. Former President Jeff Zabudsky recognized the importance of the community being a stakeholder in the KICK FM station. In fact he was on TGCTS December 2008 as a guest and interacted with Marty and Catherine, host of one of the many other KICK music programs that were promoted on the show.

After seeing what I saw and hearing what I heard at the TGCTS Live event, it was already obvious Marty Gold broke no rules, there were no formal complaints to the station, was responsible for the rise of an alternative media, as well as the proliferation of bloggers and added our voices to the discussion, defended taxpayers and citizens, and was never given the chance to defend himself.

It seems more obvious than ever that the NDP, WFP, and Stephanie Forysth were involved with silencing freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Marty reporting on the complaints against candidate Ross Eadie's admission of NDP campaign financing seems to have something to do with the trigger being pulled on freedoms of speech and expression.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Twit, twit, tweet

After several weeks of observation (especially over the holidays), of our three provincial political leaders Twitter accounts I have some remarks.

This is old news by the way, as was reported by CBC late November, Dr Jon Gerrard is the only guy who actually tweets his own tweets.

It shows. Both Greg Selinger's and Hugh McFadyen's accounts spew out messages more like controlled propaganda than a personal and relevant message to the Twitterverse. Much like Judy W's Twitter account last civic election, I think all we can expect from these two guys during the election is slap-happy press releases in 140 characters or less about how great they are and who they're meeting for lunch.

Why Dr Jon Gerrard is the only political leader in this entire province has at least grasped the concept that Twitter is a personal communication tool is quite beyond me. I mean its not like these guys have like staff and stuff that advise them on these kinds of things right...

...Right. Especially nobody to tell them how lame and empty their holiday tweets were.

Happy New Year!! Bonne Année a tous! All the best in the new year!

Hugh McFadyen
Wishing all #Manitobans a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

You're really making headway there with such touching messages.

Merry Christmas! Naomi and I are blessed to have Pauline and Roger and our two grandchildren back from Laos and with us today for Christmas

Sounds like a wonderful time of the year! I don't know Gerrard's family and neither do most people but this message says far, far more than the dry-as-winter staples from McFadyen and Selinger. As if they rolled their eyes and said " we haaaave to update our Twitter thingy?"

Well, no you don't. But that's your choice to ignore this connection and communication tool. I'd probably make a crack here about how this is a couple of old guys just ignoring technology but I really can't, because I'm pretty sure Gerrard has the seniority.

Sure, maybe the holidays aren't the best indicator.

Dr Jon Gerrard
Last night - Brief Encounter at MTC - a neat mixture of theatre, film and Noel Coward songs.

Wow hey, not only was Gerrard out on the town just the other night, he wasn't out on the town electioneering or posing for some picture. He was taking in the arts. He even added a personal commentary note about the play/production. This lets me know the message is real and authentic.

In the same time frame, "McFadyen" tweeted another dry message about Ukrainian Christmas, and "Selinger" did the same...except he one-upped his opposition by throwing in some Ukrainian (as if the message wasn't sterile enough in English).

And, finally, even the pictures for the twitter profiles are telling. "Selinger" and "McFadyen" are both predictably professional press photos with their suits and ties and fake smiles cropped just right. Gerrard's a Cessna or helicopter or something, and may have even been taken by somebody's iPhone.

If you're looking for this election to take to Twitter and sweep the internet, you'll have to wait at least another four years. Otherwise look forward to glaze over just about everyone's Twitter feeds, save Dr Jon Gerrard.

Friday, January 7, 2011


To One Man Committee, who was written a wonderful piece on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

"But as uncomfortable as it may be to have to point this out, the [Ukrainian Canadian Congress] should realize and acknowledge that the building going up on Waterfront Drive is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, not the Canadian Museum of Genocide"

And all I would add is that, or maybe make this correction, is that it isn't the UCC that we should be worried about viewing CMHR as a genocide museum, rather we should be worried about the CMHR viewing the CMHR as a genocide museum.

I will keep covering the Ecuador situation, see the archives tab on the right for more, and try to figure out how to make myself into a lobbyist of some kind for that.

The story on this museum is what they should be covering that they aren't. No, no I don't mean this famine over that famine or which genocide gets in and which doesn't. I'm talking about the human rights stories that are happening here in this very town as I sit here and write this post that are not covered, but covered up.

No pun intended for the native burial ground underneath the CMHR that goes unrecognized of course. Or the many stories one could find in the North End. Or the story of censorship at a local community college.

Nobody wants their dirty dealings exposed, especially if it has anything to do with human rights. Don't ever kid yourself that because you live in Canada human rights violations don't exist. Let it be known that there are many in high up places who haven't a moral conscience to speak of.

"I'll tell you what, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky and all that bullshit about how hard it was in Siberia, and how hard it was in Cancer Ward, well they ain't seen nothin', if they knew where to look in this city."