Friday, December 17, 2010

Good start to the day

This video made my day. And well that 90 second clip of Mr Assange outside the courthouse made my day yesterday.

The things he has to say may not necessarily be what you have been hearing. Though for me, it is good enough just seeing him out of solitary confinement and speaking as well as always. And a coooool cucumber, Julian Assange is quite the master at public speaking. Despite annoying and repeated interjections from the host interviewer, he keeps the lid on.


heywaitaminute said...

Julian Assange is as guilty of rape as I am. Please trumped up charges or what? These kind of charges slap women who have actually been raped right in the face.

Where is the evidence? These women kept their clothing for that length of time without washing them? Where is the original complaint with the police? Why after all this time are these women coming forward?

These are questions I'm certain a lot of people are asking as well. Wonder how the courts are going to railroad Assange with the media looking at the case? Guess we'll find out.

Graham, what is the new address for wikileaks?

Graham said...

The new official adress is

Also the internet has spawned around 150 "mirror" sites so any idea that Wikileaks can be removed from t3h webs is total bogus.