Monday, November 8, 2010

What Happened to the Great Canadian Talk Show?

Spirited Kenny has put a few words up about what has happened to the Great Canadian Talk Show, for those of you who are wondering.

You can read about it HERE, as well as local news blogger

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James Andrew Jaworski said...

First comment.

Eventually this whole thing will be cleared up, and Marty will be back on 92.9, so says I.

John Dobbin said...

Gold is being interviewed on CTV at 11:30 tonight.

Reed Solomon said...

Something smells funny. Sure it's a college radio station, but the whole way this was done reeks of political interference, which I find disgusting. Par for the course, though.

Graham said...

Hopefully you're right James.

And Reed, your BS metre is working just fine, I see. Be prepared to be even more disgusted in the near short future.

Dave said...

Good riddance, I couldn't stand the guy, right wing anti-cyclist, anti-environment, downtown alarmist asshole.

heywaitaminute said...

RRC should be ashamed of themselves and they have no right to have "indy" on their website.

If it wasn't for Marty, those kids would never have received the kind of training they did, not in a classroom. Who else is going to do it for them? Marty also brought in listeners for other shows, if it wasn't for him Kick would still be the same campus radio that has little listnership, asleep and a nothing radio station.

Well it can go back to being nothing, it can go back to bed, fall asleep for there are many myself included who will NEVER tune in again.

Don't know about anyone else, but it smacks of cowardice on RRC part.

SHAME SHAME SHAME ON RRC. Go back to bed campus radio, you deserve it.

unclebob said...

The hard won rights of free speech are about to be driven back into the stone age. This was a calculated decision but the brilliant minds who performed the calculation wouldn't qualify to could change at McDonald's

Pams said...

The Great Canadian Talk Show was the only reason I tuned into that station and I'm sure the same goes for ever non-Red River Student listeners even even some Red River students. Not only should the beg Marty to come back, they should pay him accordingly.

Barrett said...

PTI...This was a calculated power move disguised as a format change!?

As a long time listener/sometimes contributor to TGCS, I can personally tell you Marty played a key role in developing the skills and talents of student broadcasters.

As a RRC alumni, I'm disgusted and embarrassed!

Alonso said...

TGCTS was a breath of fresh air for all issues of local politics. The 'other' talk radio station is all fluff, no substance and completely out of touch with local issues.
This move by RRC is just the thing that Marty would attack daily and expose for the sham it is.
Bring the show back you gutless swine.