Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red River Censorship

The Kick FM website has been completely scrubbed of any link, or reference, to TGCTS or Marty Gold.

Wiping out the record of the hard work the community at large has put into that program by bringing forward their concerns and opinions is obscenely absurdly disgusting.

You think the Station Manager was given marching orders? I think.

In addition to this, there is now no student programming between 4-6pm on weekdays. It seems censorship is alive and well to supress those who contribute to RRC.

The Kick FM Station Manager has put up Twylla Krueger of College Relations's phone number on the website, for inquiries about the cancellation of the Great Canadian Talk Show. The phone number is 632-2264.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Waverley West for some reason was silenced . Are they connected??? Perhaps too many feathers were ruffled and we got a sneak peak at the rot.

RM said...

Total crap. We finally found a voice for the average thinking person through Marty, which led to a belief that Campus Radio SUPPORTED the freedom,independence, and integrity in journalism. WRONG http://winnipegonegreatcity.blogspot.com.

Dave said...

More like the average person being told what to think and being bullied if they thought otherwise, good riddance.

jonathan said...

I respect people's rights to disagree with this decision, but there is no reason to equate it to censorship or free speech. A radio manager or managing group has the right to start or terminate programs as they see fit. People like Marty Gold have the right to say what they want, but there is no legal or charter guarantee of a daily radio platform for such folk. If Kick FM don't want him they are free to get rid of him, and are entirely within their rights to do so with or without providing a good reason.

Graham said...

@ Jonathon

The station manager had nothing to do with this decsion.

It is in fact a clear attempt to silence Marty Gold. If it wasn't, based on their irrational rationale of providing students the best opportunities to hone their craft, the Winnipeg Free Press show "Stop the Presses" would not be airing tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think we should just picket the RRCC and cause a little sensation. You think there are 2500 plus Marty supporters out there.

The peg has a long history of taking to the streets. I'm game, besides it'll be fun, but Marty doesn't get to talk in the bullhorn.

unclebob said...

Of course a lot of commentators are focused on the issue of free speech and the need for local radio but my attention is squarely on governance.There are some serious questions to be asked in terms of the boards composition and constitution and powers to act.

The board members that are at the centre of this debacle seem to be so enamoured with their political masters that they have forgotten the responsibilities of the position.

The problem is that this kind of behaviour is much too commonplace in Manitoba. Whether you look at Crocus or WRHA or Family services or a myriad of other not for profits, people that were good people tend to become irresponsible when they take on the mantle of authority.

Boards and other public institutions should have, and most do have, a system of checks and balances yet the feel of entitlement and the immunity from scrutiny sets in much too easily.

If we in this Province want to continue to govern our society with an above average number of boards and not for profits, we need to learn how to do it properly.

If my suspicions are right,one of the best ways to learn is to show some formal sanctions for failures like this one so that others get the message.

Legal case are never pretty but in this case it may be required to properly expose and stop this type of behaviour

Mike said...

So what was the hurry? The board said they wanted to give students more opportunity at prime time. Do you think that they would have had the programing lined up before they gave Marty the axe? Hmmmm
All I seem to have heard is syndicated crap in his place.
So much for that argument Kick FM.

Winnipeg's Own Winnipeg Computer Master said...

Just Another Day In Paradise. Welcome To Nazi Canada.

Alexander Mustang said...

We are all surrounded by censorship everywhere! I mean censorship is ubiquitous, since we start high school the bullies make sure you say just what they want to hear and so on and so forth in the rest of life aspects and stages (at work, army, college, news, neighborhood, Winnipeg apartments )