Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going National with TGCTS

The National Post has picked up on The Great Canadian Talk Show's cancellation and story. With a few very interesting tidbits of information.

Most interesting of which, besides the anti-left spin that the author placed on the article (which I swear to God I will detest until the day radio ceases to exist), is that Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand may have talked to the newbie RRC President, Stephanie Forsyth.

This is from the man who is dealing with the fallout, Graham Thomson:

“As I understand it, the president did get a communication from the Free Press...There were some concerns about Marty having taken shots at the Free Press ... I believe that the concern about the show was voiced by the president to one of our vice-presidents who is on the board."


Hmm well now I smell a rat, don't you? Here's the little thing Ms Forsyth and Ms Goodhand would be well to learn, journalists, as published authors, are available to criticism. I myself, receive criticism.

Other people are free to discuss any particular news outlet's methods of journalism. Or, "journalism." These sorts of things become abundantly clear when you start digging yourself, and end up with more information than appears in the broadsheet press. You then call the reporter, err "journalist," responsible for the story and learn that they know as much as you know but...all these...important things are...mysteriously left out.

Marty Gold stated in the National Post article that this is 110% a freedom of speech issue, and I, 110%, AGREE!

You can email Graham Thomson at to press him on this or phone him at 949-8377. In addition you can call Twylla Krueger at 632-2264.

If the new president of the college is so lackadaisical as to not do her own research in the show, not listen, not talk to Marty, or students, if this decision to axe TGCTS mysteriously came from nowhere under the guise of student access, and Mr Graham Thomson can't answer questions in a strait forward manner or truthfully, then what is it?

Nobody wants to say why TGCTS was really cancelled.

Instead of seeing TGCTS as a benefit to the community, as a complement to mainstream journalism, and accepting criticism of their writers to make things better, instead of working together, instead of feeding off each other, we've got a story where somebody didn't like TGCTS and someone wanted Marty Gold to shut the fuck up, and somebody got what they wanted.

Whether that was Margo Goodhand or Stephanie Forsyth, or both, remains to be seen.

The word "controversial" is in the title of the National Post article. The word is aptly chosen. For the way journalism and the media at large work today, anything resembling putting facts on the table for discussion and not covering anything up is seen as "controversy."

RRC President Forsyth would be much revered for stepping in and re-instating TGCTS, as a model of free discussion of ideas, topics, and an alternative to gatekeeper-style journalism. After all, isn't presenting opposing points of view seen as a valuable thing at post-secondary institutions?

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And again, Graham Thomson's email is


Alexander Mustang said...

I just joined your FB group, I am glad you are going national now! I always read and listen to you when I am in mom's Winnipeg apartments

Riverman said...

The new President just sent out a message to all staff about the recent throne speech, even providing a link to it. She is an NDP ass-kisser, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate good alternative forms of media and journalism. In fact, I rely on it much more than the mainstream. Yet I feel little empathy for Marty Gold's dismissal from KICK. It's not a freedom of speech thing (a typical cry when things don't go a blowhard's way); it's a professionalism thing. He's not a professional in any sense of the word, and a poor example of quality alternative media.

bob said...

The behaviours of Mr Thomson and others who continue the convoluted explanations suggest they may want to avail themselves of a little legal advice rather than be someone else's stooge, especially if this thing gets to the point of depositions which it looks like it is going to.

As much as some individuals would like this to remain quiet, not everyone is prepared to lie under oath or accept the consequences of doing so.

Graham said...

@ Justin

You may feel that way, however, the folks at the WFP are poor examples of quality mainstream journalism and excellent examples of gatekeeperism.

It absolutely is a freedom of speech thing, do not kid yourself here. Gold's show remains the only one to be cancelled. Read the two posts he has put up on thegreatcanadiantalkshow website. We can all read between lines here, we can all see when things do not add up and we can all see when the entire story isn't being told.

Graham Thomson chooses to tell me and many others in emails that the decision was about the students, yet tells the National Post something about the Free Press and Margo Goodhand.

Being critical about the mass media is as important as being critical of your government. As soon as the criticism dissapears, so does adherance to morals and ethics.

I don't give a fuck if you think Marty is a blowhard. That doesn't mean his voice is less valuable, nor does it discredit the work he did and the support he gave to organizations and people who did not have a voice. That also doesn't mean that we should collectively say "good riddance" to his show because he openly criticized other published and public authors.

Other than ChrisD, there is no "alternative" here. I, surely, am no source for news, unless it has to do with active transportation, nor are the many other commentary bloggers in Winnipeg. Marty WAS the alternative, and the word "alternative" did not arise in Winnipeg until his radio show gained traction.

The loss of this program was not only a loss for the community, the media at large in Winnipeg, politicians who otherwise never get a chance to explain anything without a press release, a loss for RRC as an excellent training tool (as many an RRC grad owe Marty a great deal of thanks), but a loss for diversity of opinion and the exchange of ideas.