Monday, November 22, 2010

The Appeaser

Forewarning: anyone who is not interested in international law, foreign policies, or the Middle East, will find the following quite boring. The most local I can get is that Cherenkov wrote briefly about this topic.

One of my favourite journalists is Robert Fisk.

He wrote a piece I will not reflect on so much as I will link to it, though I found the following very powerful and relevant.

Anyone who panders to injustice by one people against another people is called an appeaser. Anyone who prefers peace at any price, let alone a $3bn bribe to the guilty party – is an appeaser. Anyone who will not risk the consequences of standing up for international morality against territorial greed is an appeaser. Those of us who did not want to invade Afghanistan were condemned as appeasers. Those of us who did not want to invade Iraq were vilified as appeasers. Yet that is precisely what Obama has done in his pathetic, unbelievable effort to plead with Netanyahu for just 90 days of submission to international law. Obama is an appeaser.

If you would like to read the rest, Fisk's piece ran in The Independent on Saturday.

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