Monday, September 20, 2010


More traffic calming in action. Pictures courtesy of a reader who is a resident of the neighbourhood.

So it would seem buses cannot make the turn. The curbs are too high. The turns are too tight. Impossible. Surely this would have all been ironed out during the engineering process.

Engineering? What's that? Oh you mean like, traffic engineering. Yeah, no, we didn't talk to any of those. How would I know that?

See, I filed a freedom of information request at City Hall. I specifically asked for the traffic studies. There are none. They weren't done. Oh there are traffic counts, but not traffic impact studies. I can tell you that during rush hour, vehicles pass Eastbound on Assiniboine/Edmonton at a rate of 400 cars per hour, but I can't tell you what that means for the gridlocked Broadway Eastbound or York Eastbound.

Transit buses are late, they can't make their schedules. Touring buses can't make the turns, they end up going over the curbs, which isn't normally a problem for buses. But these newfangled curbs, the high ones, like you're driving down a bowling lane with bumper boards, can't get over those ones.

A traffic engineer probably would have told you “buses and trucks can't make this turn.” Trucks? You mean like garbage trucks? Can they make the turns? Can they pick up the garbage? What about moving vans? Lots of people move in and out of apartments. Can they make the turns? Can they park legally in a loading zone? Are there loading zones? What about deliveries? Couriers? Can they park? Taxis? Where do they go, anywhere?

No? No? No, no, no,, no,

Aren't apartment buildings stakeholders? They weren't consulted, as is required. Landowners, residents, were not consulted, as is required under the conditions of the Request For Proposal.

Aren't businesses, taxi businesses maybe, a renowned Winnipeg restaurant (so renowned that it is where the Queen herself goes to dine), an architectural firm maybe, a law firm maybe. Aren't they all stakeholders? Didn't Transit have to be notified? The police maybe? First responders, fire and paramedics, maybe?

Transit found out the hard way. The turns were tight, Transit Tom had to move the barricades himself to get by. The buses were 20, 30 minutes late. The routes had to be re-drawn. Paramedics? Well, they will find out the hard way. When “grandma with the Oxygen tank” gets mowed down by impatient, frustrated, pissed off drivers. Taxis? Well, they found out the hard way too. Routes to Assiniboine are taking triple the amount of time they used to, prior to cycle track construction.

The Legislative Building? Nobody talked to them either. It's obvious. What about the employees that work here? They rely on Assiniboine as a thoroughfare to Main Street, to get to St Boniface or St Vital or St Norbert. What about the TOUR BUSES THAT COME HERE? What about the SCHOOL BUSES that come here? Can they make the turns? Can they navigate the cycle track maze?

Traffic engineers make a lot of money. If there's no money in the budget for professional consultation then...ah well, I guess notifying the public and getting professional opinions are the first two things to go.


bwalzer said...

Isn't that Kennedy and Assiniboine? Transit goes up Edmonton I think. Is the problem that tour buses currently park on Kennedy for tours to the Ledge?

Graham said...

I believe so, yes.

cherenkov said...

"The buses were 20, 30 minutes late. The routes had to be re-drawn."
Is that why Vaughn/York/Memorial was a parking lot today? Took me forever to get through there because it was clogged up with buses. Don't know if it's related...

Graham said...

Possibly? Not sure, Cherenkov. First I've gotten wind of event, maybe?

Riverman said...

I'm sure the difficulties are all due to the construction. (rolls eyes)

This is the biggest charlie foxtrot ever, bar none!

Alexander Mustang said...

"sorry user, we are working to improve your standard of living..CRASH!!! a bus!...
Something similar to the sign near these Winnipeg apartments where some broken stairs made a lot of people fall down