Thursday, August 12, 2010

World Class Mathematics on Portage

This Bodies exhibit coming to Winnipeg for a little while is supposed to draw 200 000 visitors between September and January? Holy crap that's what, four months? And they draw 200 000?

And the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is only supposed to hit up 250 000 a YEAR? INCLUDING web hits?

The lesson here, is that Bodies is a world-class travelling roadshow. A human rights museum, touted as being world class and in league with the Guggenhiem, is not. Not by a longshot. Bodies will create buzz, drive excitement and people to downtown for four months. The Museum will not.

Looks like the CMHR got showed up a bit. By the MTS Centre. At least we wont see Mark Chipman or anybody proclaim 311 Portage as a world class tourist destination.


Orange Rod said...

I have an idea. Let's put the Bodies display in the human rights building and the human right museum in the A&B sound building.

John Dobbin said...

I saw Bodies in Minneapolis.

If the MTS people had gotten Body World to come to the city, we probably would have had seen people come from all Canada to see it. It is that good.

Bodies will attract many people from the city of Winnipeg and the province. It is the type of thing that bring tourists for sure.

The Rise and Sprawl said...

Hahaha. CMHR rots in the sun.

Kenton Larsen said...

I saw the Bodies exhibit in Minneapolis years ago: it's funny how controversy comes to Winnipeg a decade after it arrives everywhere else.

I predict that next year Avenue Q will come to town and folks will be scandalized by "a dirty Sesame Street."