Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's play "House"...err...

Let's play the Winnipeg version of House. I'll be Public Works, and you be the Traffic Engineer. Everybody is a traffic engineer here, right?

(EDIT: I've missed the most obvious option, so I added it at the bottom of the list)

You find that over 400 vehicles cross one section of road downtown per hour during rush hour. Do you conclude:

A) This section of road is a suitable and acceptable target for cycling infrastructure.

B) This section of road could be closed for vehicular traffic for cycling infrastructure with no significant impact to surrounding arteries.

C) Employing measures such as a no left turn, or no right turn, would not significantly impact traffic flow.

D) Removing parking would allow both high volumes of traffic and cycling infrastructure to co-exist.

E) Some other magical doohickey Winnipeg traffic engineers are unaware of.

F) Put up a traffic light.


Anonymous said...

I think our city doesn't understand the value nor the design of safe and usable bike paths. I am am frightened from some of the bicyclists I see on the slightly widened roadways that have been designated as shared spaces.

Replacing portions of the boulevards with bike paths makes more sense than moving the curbs over and using the roadway for bikes.

I do not know how much it is a problem with the engineers as it is with the direction they receive from city council.

Ralph said...

Is the correct answer, "All of the above"?
Does Winnipeg really have traffic engineers? I stopped at EVERY light driving down Leila AND Keewatin.