Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why is BP and the Gulf of Mexico Off the Radar?

Do people not give a shit anymore?

This is fucking disgusting. It has the potential to continue like this for two more years.

As far as I'm concerned, this is all ANYBODY should be concerned about right now. The entire Gulf will be turned into a dead zone for decades. The entire economic value of the Gulf will be lost. We are literally killing the earth with shit like this.

Top 14 things you need to know:

1. Oil is on all of the Gulf states' beaches.

2. No amount of money in the world can return the Gulf to it's pre-gusher state.

3. BP's exploration plan submitted to the US government stated there was little risk of oil reaching the shoreline, though shore is only 77km away. Winds off the Gulf can easily exceed 77kph. Which means surface oil could reach shore in one hour.

To use some deduction skills, BP must have thought it impossible that oil from a potential leak or blowout would ever reach Florida. Over course we all know that Florida has already been hit for some time. Florida is 300km away, four times farther than the nearest coast to Deepwater Horizon.

4. The Huffington Post has the best coverage of the spill. Of course HuffPo is not part of "Thee Old Guarde" media giants.

HuffPo even has a separate BP section, with the sub headline "some news is so big it needs it's own page.

5. BP has hired people to prevent the public or journalists from accessing beaches. Nobody seems to care how much BP covers this colossal fuckup up.

6. Speaking of covering up, literally, BP (allegedly but I'm taking it as fact) is trucking sand in to cover up oil that has already arrived on beaches. Don't believe me? Some journalists have balls.

Allison Kilkenny interviewed the guy who shot the film. I don't know who Allison is but I sure do now.

7. It's raining oil in Louisiana. Imagine then what a category 4 hurricane would do.

8. The damage control spin machine is going into 6th gear. The coast guard is threatening fines and prison time for journalists going to affected beaches. Nobody will probably get arrested but still, the pictures and stories need to get out.

9. BP's PR machine started up when porpoises started washing up dead. Porpoises are Dolphins, if you didn't know. Nobody wants to see dead cuddly-wuddlys.

10. A local boat captain William Kruse, one of the ones recruited by BP to help with the cleanup, committed suicide.

11. The chemical dispersant Corexit is banned by the EU for it's highly toxic properties, which means if this spill happend in EU-controlled waters, BP would not have been able to dump millions of gallons of the stuff on it.

12. At least a dozen people out on the seas involved in the dispersal of Corexit were hospitalized for various things including lung or breathing issues. BP claimed it was food poisoning.

13. NASA compiled a time lapse video of the oil spill. It's fucking scary.

14. The resevoir Deepwater Horizon was tapping holds over 2 billion gallons of oil. Currently oil is spilling into the gulf at over 2 million gallons per day.


John Dobbin said...

NBC Nightly News Has led with the story every single day I've watched recently.

They have covered many of the things that you have mentioned. Once again tonight, it is the lead story. They mention how the lake north of New Orleans is filled with oil.

I can't speak for all the news but check out NBC and let me know what you think.

As for FOX, they report tonight that Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to jail for 90 days. Egad.

Orange Rod said...

Marty Gold says nature will look after itself.

Kenton Larsen said...

I watch the NBC Nightly News too - they do cover it every night; however I think this will be an example of a story that depresses the hell out of so many people, they just stop thinking about it or tune it out.

Anonymous said...

CNN has it going all the time and HuffPost as you mentioned covers it pretty well.

Graham said...

@ Orange Rod

Prove it.