Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Thousand

A week ago, the Afghan civilian death toll reached one thousand.

I'm not entirely sure what Obama's plan to add 30 000 more troops following his phony Nobel Peace Prize was meant to do. I thought of the casualty numbers reached a week ago, when I read in the FreeP Gwynne Dyer's op-ed, written around the fact that the US and essentially, every country involved with the Afghanistan offensive against the Taliban willingly choose to ignore the country's long, long history. That the country has survived for millenia because of consistent guerrilla warfare tactics...tactics that despite all the technology in the world, cannot usurp.

This will continue to be the story for the entire war, however long it lasts. I will never know why more people do not press the issue of the war and our dire need to retreat entirely from it. Nor will I ever understand how the milestone of 1000 civilian casualties did not garner front page news.

Havoc is being unleashed on a country half a world away, and Canada is a part of it. You can now return to your house that hasn't been hit by mortars, and the issue du jour, which is probably bitching at the government because you can't talk on a phone and drive anymore. Oh, the humanity.

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Freedom Manitoba said...

The Canadian government should get the hell out of there, it makes me sick that I am forced to fund the killing of Afghani civilians.