Friday, June 4, 2010

You Choose: 15 minutes, or Rampant Car Thief

Here's your weekender thought provoker.

Because this Vince Li and other mental health-oriented crimes won't go away, now with this post-partum situation. There are three highly violent crimes in the limelight right now.

So, to all the "fencers" I shall call them, do you put this mother of two in a fenced in mental health facility? Isn't she a danger to society? Do you really want a menace, a monster like that, out there potentially able to harm other children? Or do people not think of it this way, because post-partum is common, because most women out there can identify with whatever it is women go through after they give birth?

How about a 14 year old kid who is known for stealing cars, going on rampage? Shouldn't this kid be locked up? He already killed one person. He breached probation 24 times. TWENTY. FOUR. TIMES. Was arrested on charges of drugs, theft, conditions of abstaining from alcohol consumption abd curfew, and again, caught breaching probation 24 times.

This means he was let go, at least, 24 times. And now this fuck isn't going to jail. He gets a 10 year driving probation, as if that matters, not like he's going to adhere to it.

So, folks. Here we have it. Which is more preposterous? Which is of more terror and danger to the public?

Vincle Li, recieving 15 minutes of sunshine a day.


A (now) 16 year old with no mental health issues, known for breaking the law and killed a man when he was just 14, let loose back on the roads?

For some reason, the circumstances of Li's crime were revolting to the point where people apparently have shut off their brains, people are downright frightened of this man and are outraged that he might get to leave the forensics building in Selkirk. An uprising of completely ignorant and ridiculous voices over Li's current situation has taken over everything else, as if everyone in Manitoba's safety is on the line if he leaves the building.

For everybody, the fact that another under-18 year old who can steal cars that is back on the streets after being apprehended more than 24 times and has already killed somebody, will receive next to nothing, and be more than able to steal another car. If not him, then another kid in addition to the 10 or 15 or 20 who are already out there could easily kill you on your next trip to the corner store for some milk.

Nothing is being done about it, the NDP sits on their hands and the judges continue to release them. Again, nothing is done about it, but in the interest of all 1 million Manitobans, we'd better erect a fence around Selkirk Mental Hospital ASAP.

Which is truly terrifying?


Ren said...

He is going to jail. 2 years, plus the time he's already served. Not much, but he is going to jail.

Ren said...

"A (now) 16 year old with no mental health issues"

I'd dispute that. He is a Mad Cowz thug after all.

cherenkov said...

Yes ... funny that Andrew Swan used his executive authority to stomp all over Li's supervised walkabouts, but doesn't lift a finger while serial criminals move about with impunity.

unclebob said...

I think you are suggesting the fencing of the wrong institution .... the one on Broadway is in more need