Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trees For Tomorrow

There exists a program in Manitoba known as Trees For Tomorrow.

It is a program that offers free trees of a few different species funded by both provincial and federal levels of government, available to anybody who wants some. It was created ( I believe ) by the Chretien government for the Kyoto Protocol.

As I have said in the past, anyone who truly wants to do their part for the environment can plant a tree or two. It is without question the single greatest act you can do for the environment. It provides a home for numerous animals and insects, it filters the air and will live far beyond your lifespan, available to generations beyond our present time. The best proof of how tree seedlings can benefit future generations? Look no further than our own city and our urban forest, the towering Elm trees along Broadway, Wolsely, Old St Vital, Elmwood and along Wellington Crescent.

From now until the end of June, male hybrid poplars are available for free from the Forestry guys on the north side of Birds Hill Park. There are also different species of trees available for planting during their own respective times of the year, but right now is poplar time. The male poplars do not produce the allergy-inducing fluffy pollens and seeds.

If you would like some, drop into the Forestry complex. If you need directions, email me, as the project I work for is based out of their compound.


Anonymous said...

Good to know, thanks, How many trees will they give you ?

Graham said...

They will give you a minimum of 25. They come as dormant, chilled sticks, all you have to do is shove them in the ground, water them and keep the soil weed-free.

You can place advance orders of up to 1000 trees, if you are really gung ho and have a lot of land to cover.

Banesfinger said...

I work for the Trees for Tomorrow project.
It is all part of the Kyoto and Beyond - the province's action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2012.
Our goal is to plant 5 Million trees over the next 5 years (we are currently in year 3).
There are really no hard-and-fast minimums, so if you want to come to our Birds Hill nursery for 1 tree or 10,000, we'll accommodate you!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call: 945-7159.

Graham said...

Thanks Banesfinger....I assume I've met you or actually know who you are.

I could edit in the phone number on this post, pending permission.