Monday, June 28, 2010

One Hundred Fifty

See the CBC story.

150 since 2002 is, in my opinion, 150 too many. Rarely do I say anything about Afghanistan although I keep intending to post more about it. Truth is, it is difficult to unearth the happenings in the Middle East through all the regular media channels...if they even carry it at all. I'd be ashamed to admit how much war coverage I sift through on a weekly basis.

Some 8 years into the war we are an integral part of and news about Afghanistan rarely if ever makes the front page. Hell, there isn't even an Afghanistan feature on the CBC. The article about these two fine people's sacrifice broke on Saturday, and as I write this early Monday morning, the story is already buried.

Isn't that sad. The landmark 150th casualty is shovelled off to the side as if to say the public has heard enough about it. I remember clearly, when the war started, prominent coverage of the war. Now it's shameful.

Master Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht and Pte. Andrew Miller should be in the fronts of the minds of Canadians right now. Not the predictable and pathetic "riots" in Toronto, not the G20, not the G8, not even the World Cup.

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Orange Rod said...

We should not be there in the first place.