Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

It's hard to read this stuff every day.

This is going to be so huge and so devastating that this event will be used as teaching points and examples in post secondary schools in the future, that is, a future without an oil geyser at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Every article you read invariably mentions that 11 people were killed. Really? This isn't important anymore. The lives of everyone in the Gulf will be affected. Thousands have already lost their livelihoods.

And those of us who follow news as much as I do, and like to connect dots as much as I do, will remember that this oil rig leak happens less than a year after the oil rig leak off the coast of Australia in the fall of 2009...that happened in the exact same way.

Isn't it stupid though? How they approach the next "strategy" to close the leak. Now today I read the "worst case scenario" is that it takes until August to close it. Huh? They take days to come up with a plan, days to implement it, and another day to watch it fail. Like Bill Maher said, get Steve Jobs on this. I view it as laziness, while the US Government and BP claim they're doing everything they can I just don't see it. All this time they've said they may have to drill a pressure release line, and given the gravity of this, why didn't they just go for that right away?

I know I know. This is like Apollo 13 except on Earth, but a corporation is in charge. I don't particularly care for the way multi-billion dollar corporate business is conducted. The cherry on top will be watching BP weasel their way out of not having to pay for the full cost of this cleanup, going bankrupt, and folding.

For those of you on Twitter, BPGlobalPR is offering levity 140 characters at a time.

"What a gorgeous day! The ocean is filled with the most beautiful rainbows!"

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