Wednesday, May 12, 2010

33 Billion Delusions of War

Not a topic I think I have ever adressed here, though I have very strong feelings about it.

One of my favourite sites to visit is, which compiles war/humanitarian journalism, articles, and opinion pieces from around the globe.

If anybody follows this stuff, and I think I will be posting more on it in the future, the US miltiary budget is well over $800 billion dollars. Despite needless wars, hypocritical and nonsensical approaches to which countries can own nukes and which ones can't, ridiculous "sanctions" bills passed around in the US Senate, the ever-popular style of informing their own citizens with propaganda-ish press releases of fear, and the fact that the US is already in debt that rivals cosmic distance digits, they still feel the need to press on as their own homeland spirals into poverty and dissaray.

Quote from an article that I highly suggest people read. Hopefully the quote will pique your interest.

"$33 billion could radically alter any non-military program in existence. There’s a bill in the Senate, for instance, that would prevent schools from laying off teachers in all 50 states for a mere $23 billion. Another $9.6 billion would quadruple the Department of Energy’s budget for renewable energy."

Again, well worth your time. Please read.

Remember, while the US Defense Budget is over $800 Billion dollars, China's is only $78 Billion.

We, by contrast, only have a defense budget of $22 Billion. Seems us and China have something in common. We don't pump out propaganda to our citizens to make them believe our way of life is in danger and must be protected at all costs. I believe George Bush once stated "We have to pro-tect our freedum!"

US Foreign Policy is mind boggling.

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Powdered Toast Man said...

The US Army spends probably $20 million a year sponsoring one NASCAR race team. The National Guard probably spends about $25 million on NASCAR. So that's anywhere between $45-$50 million a YEAR to put their logo on race cars.