Sunday, April 25, 2010

Damn the Environment, Full Steam Oil Rigs Ahead

After the oil rig off the Louisiana coast caught fire, I thought to myself, what terrible luck for Mother Earth. First, a colossal fuckup when a Chinese oil tanker decided to go one step further than the broad side of a barn and beach itself on the Great Barrier Reef. And now just a couple weeks later, this.

However the damage to an oil tanker is minimal, there is only so much oil.

I read with amusement following the fire on board the oil rig, when "officials" claimed that, no, no oil will spill. Oh but we all know how much the word of oil companies is worth....a infitisimally small fraction of what a barrel of oil is worth. And now, she's spewing crude. Well of course she's spewing crude.

And at the mind boggling rate of a thousand barrels a day. A thousand.

This is no joke or laughing matter, I don't care what you think about climate change or anything else. The impact of oil spills in our oceans is unbelieveable. It's scorched earth on water, killing everything it contacts, decimating fish stocks, washing ashore on beaches, making the water completely unusable. Spare me the photos of ducks covered in oil from Greenpeace, please.

I cannot express how dissapointed I am with people's general outlooks on this, nevermind the policies being put forth by the American Government. President Obama's relaxation of offshore drilling bans comes in at first place, and the American Foreign Policy of starting illegal wars under the guise of a "global war on terror" to better position themselves for Middle Eastern oil trading comes in at number two.

Who knows how long this will take to plug the leak, as if an oil rig goes down, valves could be hundreds or thousands of feet underwater.

Our addiction for oil will see more and more oil rigs built as demand for oil goes up and up and up, and the cost to extract it becomes higher and higher and higher as you can no longer stick a pipe in the ground in the desert somewhere.

Unfortunately I'm not sure I'll ever live to see the end of this continuous, blind quest for the acquisition of oil. Not with a US "Defense" budget of over 800 billion dollars, not when a "war" in a country as irrelevant as Afghanistan takes more than 8 years. Not when the US will seemingly use every excuse in the book to force themselves to believe that Iran is a horrible horrible country....the same excuses they used prior to invading Iraq, and the same excuses that would ultimately prove to be false. The American policy of fear continues to work, and I thought we had brain-dead politicians here in Canada.

Plenty of them we do have, how brain dead does one have to be to be in favour of expanding the tar sands, anyhow? 2:1 drinking water to oil ratio to clean the sand seems perfectly reasonable to me. Maybe those fumes from Athabasca are drifting over to Parliament Hill.

Meanwhile the Earth will keep on spinning and environmental catastrophes engineered by humans, intent on wrecking the very space in which they live all the while denying they do such a thing, will continue, until there will be no place on this Earth untouched by pollution.

Hell, we can even manage to leave garbage in the worlds most inhospitable place, over 8000 metres above sea level, on Mount Everest. Who cares, the Sherpas will pick it all up right?

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