Thursday, March 18, 2010

Omand's Creek Pictures

There we are. Scene of the crime, Halter Park.

How 'bout them signs?

The bridge. Note ample graffiti on side.

View from hill opposite of Raglan. Where this picture was taken would be where a hypothetical 75m long bridge would connect to. As area resident Chris politely pointed out to me, this is also the "tobogan hill."

Turning around from that last picture, is the baseball diamonds (only one pictured).

Artist`s rendering of proposed giant one million dollar bridge. Oh how nice they make it look.

Packed house, democracy in action. Too bad the other AT open houses weren`t like this.


Michael said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the proposed bridge. I've been searching online for a visual of the bridge proposals for a few days. Do you know if pictures of the other 4 proposals are available online? Excellent blog. I will follow! Mike

Graham said...

Hello Michael,

As far as I can remember...this was the only visual, or "artists representation."

Three of the five plans were essentially the same, a 4 metre wide one million dollar bridge, the only difference being where the start/end poitns were. In other words, 3/5 plans were the plans the City and bike lobbies proposed at the meeting.

The remaining two plans were the plans the residents favoured, presumably drawn up following the meeting in February, two different options of upgrading the existing bridge and park.

You probably won't find any other pictures online. I took that picture because I found it quite ridiculous how they attempted to pitch this bridge to the neighbourhood, compared with what is actually there. As you can clearly, clearly see (not sure if you're a wolseley resident or not) a street-level bridge would completely destroy the nature of the park, and particularly at this location.

I didn't take any other photos only because I've been to these things before and quite frankly, these presentation boards are confusing as is, without them being taken out of context.

Thanks for following and good to have you on board, drop a line anytime. Might see you at some road races this summer? We'll see I guess,