Thursday, March 18, 2010

Omands Creek: In One Spot

All my posts and related material on the Omands Creek Active Transportation project:

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Post-Open House Thoughts and Overview.

My goal is to have more material than all the mainstream media outlets combined. We shall see if I succeed....mwuahahaha.

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jcrolly said...

As a cyclist I go through that section most days, winter and summer. Until recently I would have supported the changes to the bridge despite the unfortunate loss of a unique community location. However the recent creation of the diamond lanes have caused me to change my commute to go up to portage at that point and use Portage for the rest of the ride. It is an answer that serves both purposes.
As we see several attacks on the diamond lane and it's tentative future in the city I am unsure what to support.
The point is that this city needs a comprehensive planning view of how to make the city more livable for all residents not just overweight housebound drivers. which is what it is now.
Treating each on these issues independantly as if they are compartmentalized speceal interests, does not serve anyone.