Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Called It...

In July of 2008 I recommended some Human Rights Suggestions for the Museum of Human Rights, as it is no doubt going to be a big deal when the exhibits are revealed.

That post of mine, I referenced a tribe in South Asia, who live deep in the jungle and are secluded from society. A mining company wants to extract the Bauxite within it.

Many things have been bothering me as of late. But one of the things that bothers me the most, is how people in developed countries such as ours take such a great many things for granted, and that our lifestyle and consumption habits and access to super-low prices of goods and materials is often built on the back of a third world nation, or their people.

Well, I called it as a human rights issue. And what do you know, now almost two years later, a movie about this very subject was released.

I hope they get some action over there.

The Human Race does not realize how badly we are scarring our planet. We have, literally, changed the face of the world. I don't know if we just haven't figured out that we're all in the same boat, or if we collectively have our heads buried in the sand.

When the headline reads "Saving China's Tigers: Too Little Too Late?" I have to stop and shake my head. China's Tigers? The Earth is dangerously close to extincting one of the most magnificent animals on the planet, and the headline reads as if it is not your problem, as long as you don't live in China.

After all, thats what zoos are for right?

My leftist environmentalist cup of tea for the day.

I have been absent mostly due to health issues for the past two months. I hope to get back to regular postings soon.


John said...

Nice to read you again. Get Well.
jth said...

Hope you get well soon, Graham, but 25 species disappear on this planet every day no matter what we do. Let them go gracefully.

Kenton Larsen said...

Get well soon, Graham!

Spugsley said...

I was wondering where you went! Get well soon!