Monday, November 9, 2009

Walkin' Around, Downtown

For those of you who didn't know, Mr Slurpees and Murder himself has been back in town for awhile. He put this post up after taking a stroll downtown:

"... empty storefront. One of the top twenty arenas in the entire world, and nobody can put together a business plan for prominent adjacent storefront."

It has all sorts of win. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

wow, thats one dead looking town

James Howard said...

Hey now, let's not go overboard here. If you squint, you can totally make out a couple of rogue pedestrians.

Thanks for the mention, Graham!

Patrick said...

I just finished a project in an urban design class that focused on downtown. My group discovered than a whole 20% of Winnipeg's downtown consists of surface parking. (meaning that doesn't include any underground, or street parking.