Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spoke Impact, Tour for Life

I'd like to let my readers know about a feat of great physical and mental strength happening right here in Winnipeg.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the 23-day Tour for Life lead by ultra-cycling-marathonist Arvid Loewen. The Tour for Life is designed around the start and end dates of the Tour de France, and starting early Sunday morning, Arvid will embark on a 24-hour marathon day to raise money for a Kenyan orphanage. A whopping $69 dollars will be pledged for every kilometre Arvid packs on during the final 24 hours.

You can check out the Tour for Life page right here.

Of course it doesn't end there, the more physically active readers out there can participate in Spoke Impact as well.

On Spoke Impact, you can contribute to the charities by keeping track of your physical activity. It works by pledging a nominal amount of your choosing, per kilometre or per minute you run/bike/swim/whatever it is that you do. You can sign up at

I have decided to pledge 5 cents per kilometre I run, which should work out to around 8 or 9 dollars per month.

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