Thursday, July 2, 2009 serious are we about this new Plan Winnipeg?

Here's the first test.

City councillors? You can get on board the new plan. Before it's even drafted.

Save the Grain Exchange Annex from doom. We all know the last thing we need downtown, is more fucking parking.

The city's historic buildings committee says it's a rare downtown example of 1920s architecture, but council's Lord Selkirk-West Kildonan community committee supports the owner's plan to demolish the Annex to make way for a parkade.

The committee did not have quorum on Tuesday, so the hearing is now slated for July 13

Seriously, these kinds of shit plans only send our downtown into further debauchery. If the easiest thing to do in this city is bulldoze an old building an erect a parkade, then no wonder our downtown isn't a bustling centre. One only needs to use half their brain to figure out that something BETTER than a parkade can go on an empty lot or old building.

Ultimately the new Plan Winnipeg will not have room for this kind of stupidity of putting up parking lot after parking lot after parkade. So why not get a head start on things?

Isn't that what we want downtown to be? Better?


Freedom Manitoba said...

//We all know the last thing we need downtown, is more fucking parking.//

I disagree. One of my greatest deterrents from going downtown (outwide of work) is that I know it will be a pain in the ass to find parking near the area I want to be.

Graham said...

That's your problem exactly.

You want to park, at your destination. Just as you do in suburbia.

Get out and walk a few blocks. It won't kill you.

And really. When was the last time you parked in a parkade? Yeah I know. It costs MORE than it does on the street after all. We could build 7 parkades on every block, people would still bitch about parking.

If you still think there's "no parking," I will personally come with you one day just to prove my point.

cherenkov said...

I found on-street parking 3 blocks away from Old Market Square while the Jazz Fest was on yesterday. It's usually not hard to find in the west exchange. My problem with the east exchange is that there is less on-street parking and I am boycotting Impark because they're evil.

Deb said...

Parking is abundant on weekends/after-hours but during the regular work day, it's nearly impossible to find a spot. Especially in the East Exchange (as someone else mentioned). Even the Impark lots are reserved spots only. I don't mind walking though...but I can see how it could be a problem for some in time-sensitive situations.

Anonymous said...

You folkk are sure making this sound bigge rthen it is....East exchange, West exchange, come on, lets get serious, its 3 streets.

As for you cheren, PAY THE TICKET...

( I have not parked at Impark lots for over 8 years, I too refuse to pay their ticket )

PS: I seldom if ever find it difficult to park in the East West or Central Exchange Districts.

Deb said... have better luck than I in finding a spot, I guess. East Exchange, West Exchange, experience has been that parking is at a premium there during 9-5.

The Rise and Sprawl said...

If only part of Plan Winnipeg would allow for the city to no longer have the city governed by the deranged sentiments of improvident yokels.

unclebob said...

Improvident yokels?
I am afraid democracy gives us exactly what we deserve. I would not mind benevolent dictatorship but it is a little hard to get rid of once it becomes less than benevolent