Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Progress 101

RRC could start Union Bank Tower this fall.

Now I haven't checked the dead-tree edition of the newspaper but something tells me this "back-slapping, hand-shaking and non-stop thank yous" over at the U of W is a more prominent story. Which, and someone tell me if I'm wrong about that, is a shame. Grants for research happen all the time, this one just happened to be big.(Update...I have now seen the print edition today and it seems this will be ye-day-old-news in tomorrow's paper. We'll see which is the more prominent story.)

The real winner today, is downtown Winnipeg. Which will see the beautiful Union Bank Tower restored to something resembling it's former glory.

Now if we could only get a decent grocery store there in the Exchange...

In other, completely unrelated progress news, owls replacing pesticides in the Middle East. Chemical over-use and improper use is a huge problem over there as well as in Africa. This is good news to hear.

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