Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update from the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Well it seems my Twitter was not updating, despite me sending an experiment text to see if it would work. Dissapointing.

Although I did not have many Twitter updates.

This is an enormous, enormous amount to absorb. We went through all the speakers in phenomenal time, and the 30 second format worked BEAUTIFULLY. The panel set up by the Mayor is well-rounded.

I've just finished 3 round table discussions and I must say, being here brings a great feeling of optimism.

Chatted a few times with Jeff Browaty as well as Harvey Smith, and a few other notables I've met here during the course of the day. One of my "Tweets" was that I had talked to Browaty and there were some very cool things happening in North Kildonan I will expand on later.

For now, I'm off for my Winnipeg Art Gallery tour.

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