Friday, April 24, 2009

PW Symposium: Top 5

If I had 30 seconds to spend on 5 different topics, this is what they would be. I hope somebody addresses these...I'm pretty sure 4 of them will. I won't hold my breath for all 5, though.

1) Apartments at the Forks.

This was a pretty bold proposal. It received mixed reactions from people, and really needs to be explored more. Combined with an expansion of the Forks Market, one wouldn't need to leave downtown for a comprehensive grocery store/shopping place. It would also get many, many people living in a place that is already designed for pedestrian traffic.

2) Green Corridors

Tree planting and such around active transportation corridors would really go a long way to make these routes look attractive and, hey, anybody planting trees gets a thumbs-up in my books for sustainability.

Particularly the barren Marconi Line. I've contacted Jeff Browaty about that already, hoping to hear back from him soon.

3) Somebody, please, for the love of God, have the decency to suggest building a 4-lane Louise Bridge with two wide sidewalks on each side for the purpose of cycling, and effectively connect the Marconi Line to downtown, kaiboshing the need for any extra pedestrian bridge or Disraeli extension.

4) Conservation of Riverbank Forests.
(The one I'm not holding out for.) Conserving potentially millions in riverbank stabilization via giant limestone walls. Also preserving rich and diverse forest types. Adds value to property. Maintains riverbank FOR you. This one is a no-brainer.

5) Transit
. Night time service, increasing transfer times (especially at night), more express routes, more buses. The works. We've done a lot recently, but there's still tons we can do.

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Anonymous said...

None of those will bring people to the core by the tens of thousands.

No teeth.

Graham said...

This is not about bringing people to the core.

Read before you post, dude.

Anonymous said...

Sorry got fixated on your dense core and central trading posts gist of your argument.

Jeff said...

Hey Graham,

I've been working with the River East Neighbourhood Network-Trails Committee on adding amenities to the Northeast Pioneers Greenway. We hired a landscape architect to develop a framework plan and developing greenspace. This year we should see some tree planting, shade canopies, benches and hopefully additional garbage bins.

If you'd like to see the framework plan or get in-touch with the Trails Committee, let me know!

Jeff Browaty

Regan Wolfrom said...


I'll be bringing a proposal to the city in the coming weeks on the Louise Bridge that will hopefully work well for everyone. There is definitely a way to preserve and enhance the Point Douglas neighbourhoods while getting the transportation links we need for cyclists, cars, and rapid transit.

Jasonthepear1 said...
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Jamie Isfeld said...

I love the Forks apartment idea, but it's surprisingly walkable already. Osborne Village and some of St. Boniface are within walking distance - considering their density, this is excellent.

With residents comes a whole new barrage of problems. I'd love to see people downtown (and in walking distance), but I think putting them in the Exchange rather than the Forks might be a wiser idea.