Friday, April 24, 2009

Plan Winnipeg Forum: Prologue

Below I have posted the 30-second message I will be presenting to the Plan Winnipeg sustainability forum on Saturday. I will hopefully post more on Friday to expand the points that I feel are important.

As far as my 30-second presentation is concerned, I thought it better to go with a general, simplistic message rather than a grand scheme. I focused on one message/idea that I have developed here on my website, which is "downtown as a destination."

* * * *

700 000 people live in Winnipeg, but only 13 000 live in the heart of the city: our downtown.

A sustainable city has a vibrant, dense core where people live, work, and congregate for daily activities.

I believe for Winnipeg to be sustainable, to truly call ourselves progressive and move forward, downtown must become a destination. A place where many call home.

Downtown needs to become the true heart of the city.


Anonymous said...

The heads will nod in agreement, they will smile, then they'll keep building the "New City" in the south end.

Its amazing how many condos are going up at Kenaston Crossing not to mention the ones closer to the university and soon, at the university itself. said...

Mr. Nobody is correct. The will just smile and nod.

Jamie Isfeld said...

Where is Winnipeg's heart currently, exactly? From the perspective of someone who's lived here for a few years now, it feels very pocketed to me. Osborne Village, Corydon, West Kildonan, East Kildonan, the Exchange, St. James, St. Vital, the Maples, and so on - including Downtown - all seem to operate as their own little hubs. Granted, people travel from one to another sometimes, but they seem disconnected.

I'm not sure if Winnipeg would gain a lot from having a single heart; that's not the way the city functions. Despite this, I really would like to see the attitude for the downtown improve for both living and visiting.

Graham said...

@ Jamie

Currently, I dont think we HAVE a heart, your guess is as good as mine.

What you've said, I think, is also the way that people see our downtown, "pocketed." Having a true heart cant hurt, which is why my message is downtown as a destination. Like you said, it's the attitude. We can't even begin to address the issue of downtown until it is viewed as it's own entity.

Anonymous said...

As an immigrant to this town, or is that migrant, I'd have to say Osborne Village is the real "downtown" , with the couple of blocks on Corydon.

This area including Academy by extension is heavily populated and has a good mix of retail and walkability.

At one time, 20 years ago or so, WHen the Marble Club ( before your time ) was popular, the exchange and the market had some life ( and streetwalkers ). now its basically dead after hours with very little of interest and no population to speak of.

Tons of building going on but none of interest in the core. 88 Hectares of land and whole neighborhoods waiting to be re-developed but the vision is the South end.