Friday, March 6, 2009

State of the Blog address

This is more or less directed at reporters who may read my blog, or newspaper people, as well as other bloggers. I was originally going to tack it onto the end of my last post, but it was far too long, and after reading it back to myself I thought it was important enough to have it's own post.


Note on the newspaper industry and bloggers


After the latest layoff round at the FreeP that included Turner and Paraskevas, and the comment from Cox that it was "because of the economy," I laughed. Blame the economy instead of the switch to online news sources. Cutting loose two exceptionally good reporters isn't going to help the quality of your online content either.

However, the sad state of the newspaper industry is not one to take lightly. Myself and most bloggers rely on news sources for our commentary. [My last] post is an example of that. In fact, I have gone through all my posts thus far in 2009 and have, out of 31 posts, 16 that were not based on a newspaper article (or, roughly half). I based two from the CBC and one from the BBC, two from other bloggers.

10 of my 31 posts (or, roughly a third) are commentary on a specific article from a newspaper or are follow ups. The scary part about this, is that 6 of them are from Mr Kives, and one from the unfortunately sacked Paraskevas. One other is from an anonymous and very poorly skilled editorial writer. The last couple are from a couple random reporters.

I can only speak for myself, but the reason why I use so many of Kives' articles is because he happens to cover what I like to read and write about. I think I owe you a couple drinks, Bart.

This is all just to remind us that out here on the blogosphere, we largely depend on sources like the FreeP and Sun who employ actual reporters who get actual money. I and most bloggers, do not actually break news on a regular basis. I use this oxy-moronically named blog to vent myself on the frustrations I have as a young person trying to make his way through an oftentimes backwards city, and one that is full of many politicians, counselors and such who are stuck in their old ways and refuse to change.

Ultimately, I would rather put myself on the record here, un-anynonymously, than fire a letter to the editor off to the FreeP and Sun once a day, only to find that 1/30 or less get printed. Or sign up for commenting on the FreeP Online, only to have my often, err, passionate comments be modified.

As much as I depend on local newspapers as sources for updates to my website, I recognize that much and also support said local newspapers with my money. My household subscribes to the FreeP and I also purchase a copy of the Sun on weekdays. Especially Tuesdays, need that Sun, need those hockey stats.