Thursday, March 26, 2009


"If we don't go through with [IKEA], we'll be the laughingstock of North America," Charleswood-Tuxedo Coun. Bill Clement

Oh yes, we must have been the laughing stock of North America up until yesterday.

And your ward will become the laughing stock of Winnipeg.

Will people ever learn that a city is not defined by which corporate retailers you can attract? No wonder our downtown is in ruins, historic buildings get demolished and Plan Winnipeg is so easily amended.


Dave Shorr said...

Dude for sure.

Montreal: "So seriously, Winnipeg you actually turned down an IKEA?"

Winnipeg: "Yup."

Montreal: "Laaaame."

Dave Shorr said...

Some how I don't think the rest of the country cares one way or the other.

cherenkov said...

He really said that? Good grief.

ZTruth said...

Nope, we're the laughingstock because we're so apathetic that goofs like Clement can stay in office for 30 years just cause we don't bother to progress or even learn the name of anyone but the incumbent.

Anonymous said...

Goofs like Bill Clement.

Bill's managed to stay in power for a long time. I would say he's the most powerful politican in the City.

Bill's also smart enough not to have any aspirations other then his neck of the woods. Staying under the radar allows him to wield enormous power and confidence.

He's made a good living for himself and he is right. If IKEA was not going to locate in Winnipeg, that bit of news attached to the Winnipeg name would circulate widely.

Not that it really matters but, he does have a point.

Bill is not to blame for his tenure. he runs for office , he does what he has to.

But you are right when you blame "us" . We are the tens of thousands who are to lazy to get off our asses to vote, to lame to run for office and have no guts to stick our necks out.

Freedom Manitoba said...

The only people that should have anything to do with IKEA setting up shop are IKEA and the people selling them the land; everyone else should but out.