Monday, September 8, 2008

Well, you might, but I sure don't...

I'm sure not "riveted by the drama" of American politics.

Yes, it sure must be hard to focus on a Canadian election when there is a real, actual reality show happening live, 24/7, just south of the border called the American election.

Unfortunately there is so much pomp and circumstance, so much non-politics, it really is a contest of likeability. It's more an episode of "American Idol: Election Edition" than an election for presidency. The issues seem to be ignored, I mean, how else can you explain the possibility of people voting republican just because Hillary Clinton lost fair and square to Obama?

If you find it hard to follow the Canadian election because ours is a battle of election platforms, promises, and political ideology just because the American election is on at the same time and the battle of is-he-an-asshole-or-is-he-a-nice-guy is more appealing...thats kind of sad.

I take parliamentary democracy any day and I'd rather follow the Canadian or British or Australian elections than the American one.

And sheesh, after all of this, you still have 3 whole weeks to follow the American election and guess what, between now and October 14th, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. So you won't be missing anything and you don't even need to set your Tivo.

I can actually agree with Elizabeth May on something:

Green party Leader Elizabeth May pleaded with Canadians to stay away from CNN and tune in to Canadian coverage of her first election campaign.

Maybe not because it's HER first election campaign, rather the "stay away from CNN" part.

People might like the glitz and glamour of the American style reality show, but if that crap ever comes north of the border...yeah I'm not sure what I'd do.

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