Wednesday, May 7, 2008


..Yaaay! Red River College might be Winnipeg's downtown hero.

First of all I would like to say how happy I am about this announcement, as the Union Bank Tower is easily my favourite building in the city. I feared that it would meet the same fate as so many other iconic heritage buildings in this city (especially as of late) and become a parkade or something else equally as useless.

A lengthly conversation on this blog with an "anonymous" commenter a few posts ago got me to better realizing how valuable having post secondary education downtown is towards downtown revitilization.

An extra 100 apartments to the Exchange area? Bring it on! More students downtown at the Red River college and the Exchange, excellent. Even a new building...and you can damn well bet it won't have a bloody fucking parking lot like that regional health atrocity.

"We need to expand it anyway, so rather than do it on Notre Dame, we want to do this downtown, where it makes more sense for students and the industry."

So...what does the Red River College understand about downtown that CentreVenture and Heritage Winnipeg don't?

I'm not quite sure, but I do know that RRC and the U of W are doing more to "revitalize" downtown and bring more activity there than the aforementioned organizations are. Red River college is bringing students from a suburban campus to a downtown one. Everyone else does the opposite. Even Crystal Developers, when they almost seemed to be Winnipeg's downtown hero, turned tail and ran to the suburbs.

Red River College. Local heroes. Now I can finally say "now that's progressive," without the sarcasm.


Colin Fast said...

Thanks for the post Graham. We (the College) are also excited about what this project could mean for the continued revitalization of the Exchange District area. The Princess Street Campus has been a great success, and hopefully the Union Bank Tower will build on that.

Colin Fast
Red River College

Graham said...

Thank you very much for your comment, I didn't realize I was drawing such an audience.

Everything about this plan is awesome. I can't wait to see a refurbished UBT and lively Exchange District sidewalks.

92.9 KICK-FM said...

We at 92.9 KICK-FM, the Red River College radio station based at the Princess Street Campus, are also very excited about this plan. I've seen the area around PSC steadily improve and become active since the station signed-on in 2003, and expect the same result in-and-around the new Campus at William and Main. Cheers to RRC for their vision!

Rick Baverstock
Station Manager
92.9 KICK-FM
W106 - 160 Princess Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

I read your comments on our show today Graham ( a regular occurance these days), and I will have RRC President Dr. Jeff Zabudsky on the air at 4 PM on Monday to talk about the development plan.

I agree with you Rick, this is another in a series of good steps towards a safer, more fun Exchange area.

Graham said...

Thanks, Rick and Marty. 92 Kick is a great station, I listen to a good chunk of the morning show, as well as my friend Gaetan's show, and of course the Great Canadian Talk Show.

I've noticed my blog has become somewhat of a mainstay on the GCTS...with this blog especially, and the blogosphere in general I've finally found an audience who appreciates my opinions and viewpoints. And that sure has been a long time friends and family avoid the subjects, and many of said friends don't even vote, let alone read a newspaper. Thanks for reading my blog, and I certainly couldn't be more appreciative of getting mentioned on the radio waves.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the "excitement" this little bit of news brings can you imagine what would happen if what we discussed was put on the table.